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The Package Of Amendments To CTP. Encroach On A Predatory


Video: The Package Of Amendments To CTP. Encroach On A Predatory

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Video: How to use CA Db2 Tools to Assess the Impact of Rebinding a Package 2023, January
The Package Of Amendments To CTP. Encroach On A Predatory
The Package Of Amendments To CTP. Encroach On A Predatory

Or were you convinced that, despite the numerous flaws in this document, is it still easier to live with it? Now the time has come to correct what was not originally considered in the law or, over time, required changes.


At the end of January at a meeting of the State Duma, deputies considered two bills on one topic: amendments to the law "On Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance of Vehicle Owners" (CTP). The authors of the first package of amendments proposed to increase the basic rate of the insurance tariff by an average of 20%, but at the same time make payments in the amount of real damage, and not within the insurance amount, as is done now.

According to the second bill, on the contrary, it was proposed to lower the basic rates of the insurance tariff … already by half! The amendments also included the introduction of short-term OSAGO agreements - for several days or months, including the notorious "weekend policies". Alas, the matter did not reach consideration. According to members of the State Duma Committee on Credit Organizations and Financial Markets, the proposed bills may deserve attention, but … provide for significant expenses from the federal budget that were not laid down in the plans for 2006. Both projects were quickly rejected. One thing is interesting: did the deputies who proposed them really did not know about this before? After all, they themselves approved the budget, more recently … Apparently, it is still more important to “light up” as a critic of a not too popular law than to achieve a result.


The insurers themselves now have other concerns in the first place. Over the past year, 10 companies lost their licenses due to various financial problems, which casts a shadow on the image of the entire system. The Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RSA) has now developed new rules for members of the union. According to them, companies with financial problems will not be able to sell policies even before Rosstrakhnadzor suspends or revokes their licenses.

Insurers had good reason to introduce such requirements: a number of bankrupt managed to sell their policies even after they received a warning. Among them are the "Comera Center", MRCC, ZSTSK, "AVEST". The last straw was the story with IC Trust, whose policies after the suspension of the license were allegedly stolen and … sold to car owners. In total, according to the insurers themselves, now on the "black market" from 300 thousand to 1 million forms of CTP insurance policies.


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