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Let's Ride On The Red

Video: Let's Ride On The Red
Video: Бревет 600 км "Бессарабия" на дырявом Brooks. Отличное жогово. Одесский велосипедный клуб 2023, February
Let's Ride On The Red
Let's Ride On The Red

Each new model that comes out of the gates of a factory located in this small Italian town can be considered something exceptional. Especially if it is a car with a V12 engine. The name of the new two-seater coupe is the Ferrari 599 GTB.


The dress of the new Ferrari was sewn by the famous Pininfarina studio - the last few decades have been a permanent fashion designer of cars from Maranello. They say that the designers, developing the chassis, glanced at the four-seater coupe "Ferrari-612 Scalletti." It is possible, although the main difference between the new model and the older sister can be seen right away - the trans-ax layout (the engine is behind the front axle and the gearbox is docked with the rear gearbox) has given way to the mid-engine layout - the same as the exclusive Ferrari Enzo. By the way, the novelty borrowed from this model a 12-cylinder engine with a volume of 5999 cmz, having received the corresponding index.

In general, the design of the unit, outstanding in terms of characteristics, technical solutions and materials, has not changed much, although the forces in the new model have been reduced in comparison with the Enzo. However, even 620 “horses” give the Ferrari 599 GTB the right to be called one of the most powerful two-seater coupes with mid-engined layout. The aluminum technologies tested on previous models made it possible to lighten the body and chassis - 2.6 hp for every kilogram of the car’s mass.

The official premiere of the Ferrari 599 GTB took place in early spring at the Geneva Motor Show. As befits a true "Italian", the novelty was in red.


Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and displacement - 12x48x5999 smz; power - 456 kW / 620 hp at 7600 rpm; maximum torque - 608 N.m at 5600 rpm.

Transmission - rear-wheel drive; gearbox - 6-speed manual or automated.

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