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Samand. Iran Challenges

Samand. Iran Challenges
Samand. Iran Challenges

National pride

Samand “rode” from Iran, from one of the largest automobile plants in the Arab world - Iran Khodro. Since the beginning of the 90s, the company has been engaged in licensed production of various Peugeot models. Production quickly localized. Today, about 80% of components for Iranian Peugeot are made here and parts are supplied to the European plants of the French company. Over time, ambition gained the upper hand, and the Arabs designed what they proudly called the "Iranian national car." True, all the mechanical stuffing, including the engine, transmission and chassis, was borrowed from the Peugeot 405. But the body was designed by themselves, so Samand has the right to be called a new car.

The design of the car is restrained, without unnecessary details - it is combined with a business suit and with the sheen of the impenetrable glass of modern office buildings. The interior is in the same spirit: without a fancy, but it looks whole, and the wood inserts give it a touch of chic. The driver's seat in Samand is convenient - the chair moves longitudinally and vertically, the backrest is tilted by an electric drive, there is an adjustment of the lumbar support. On the center console is an on-board computer. Its screen is located low - it is inconvenient to read the readings, but here's a miracle - the “computer” can communicate in Russian. For example, a friendly female voice informed me that, having turned off the engine, I forgot to turn off the headlights. The rear seats are exemplary - and the landing is comfortable, and there is enough space. Between the knees and the back of the front seat is a volume of War and Peace. Trunk volume - as much as 500 liters. The only pity is that the rear seat back does not add up. Dealers have already sent a “note of discontent” about this to the Iranian manufacturer.

Thoroughbred horse

What am I waiting for from Samand? I would not want him to be a rebellious stallion.

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