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The Stars Shine Again


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: SPEED-Stars To Shine Again 2023, January
The Stars Shine Again
The Stars Shine Again

For many years they served as a kind of visiting card of the magazine and without any discounts were then the most noticeable event in the national motorsport. They were eagerly awaited in the country, car factories and all the eminent racers - rallyists, koltseviks, cross-country drivers - were preparing for them. The press wrote widely about them, the radio told, they were broadcast by central television, accompanied by the best sports commentators in those years - Anatoly Malyavin, Vladimir Pereturin, George Surkov. What is it - “Race of stars” for prizes “Behind the wheel” was the only automobile competition in the country that the Presidents of the International Automobile Federation - FIA visited in the entire history of domestic motorsport, expressing their enthusiasm for the spectacular spectacle, courage and skill of Russian riders.

And so the star race is back. By the time this issue reaches the readers, its results will already be known, the name of the winner and winner of the main prize - “Crystal tire“At the wheel”. Here we pretend to be information.

Yes, the revived race for the prizes “At the wheel” appeared in its attractive appearance. Again 16 (plus spare) personally invited star racers of Russia, the same “Zarulevskaya” (by the way, already long accepted in the country) the fairest scheme of the “sixteen” race, the same crowd of spectators, the same frantic passions. Nevertheless, this is already a race of the 21st century: stars prefer eminent foreign cars.

Spectators not only in clusters hang in the stands - they are also inside the oval of the republican hippodrome with their cars (they are allowed to go there for a fee). Perhaps you can’t name anything new. But the most is not in the surroundings. The winner here was determined in the final, where the best six met in the races on "Table 16". Well, and probably the main intrigue: they all had to fight for the prize of the ZR on the same machines - “viburnum”, specially prepared for the race by the Volga Automobile Plant.

We will consider this the beginning of a new era in our stellar races. They no longer conceal their intentions to break into such a finale, following the example of the VAZ with their cars, both Ford and Chevrolet. So, you see, which began almost thirty years ago, “The race of stars for the prizes“Behind the wheel”will gain international status.

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