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Shave And Shave

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Shave And Shave
Shave And Shave

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Friends and friends were skeptical about the broken Motz and the expression of happiness on my face: “Is it a roof or something?..” I settled my debts and began to restore the motik. The skepticism of friends grew into white envy.

I opened the 2005 season on an unprecedented January thaw - I rode a couple of times along my native street. And a week he moved away from the storm of emotions experienced. But then came April, he let the heat in, and I rolled out onto a “razor” shining like a mirror. He worried: how will it be possible to transfer from antediluvian road builder to a modern “liter” sport bike? It will become with me - I will succumb to the temptation to immediately “unscrew”

Thought after a long trip around the city: “Damn, how easy it is to steer, how powerfully it accelerates, clearly, predictably slows down!”

The euphoria of enthusiasm subsided - our joint everyday lives went on: to work, to study at the institute (I caught the surprised look of teachers when you come with an helmet to the exam), to the dacha - everywhere on it. I went and rejoiced like a teapot for a new tea leaves. And here the first dalnyak was outlined. He doubted again: will I sit all day in the saddle? But again, in vain: not a day - we tanned almost a day. I thought when I arrived at the motorcycle I couldn’t watch, but the next morning I pulled into the saddle.

That day, we rolled in the mountains of Crimea along the 70-kilometer serpentine Sudak-Alushta. Here I understood what a sport bike is, how it can turn, accelerate and slow down! The heated Dunlop D208 tires stuck to rough asphalt, in the corners I bent the motorcycle lower and lower … In the next “blind” bend of the road, a dzhigit flew towards the Zhiguli. I began instinctively laying down the motorcycle to the inner edge, but horror already pierced my brains: now I’ll break the wheels, and I’ll fly off the cliff, like pilot Gastello to enemy trains with tanks … However, the wheels did not rip off, the fire did not kick, but only struck on the asphalt footboard, stayed on the trajectory. My heart lay in my heels for a long time. The motorcycle, meanwhile, continued to tumble into a series of turns.


After the Dalnyaks, I was drawn to the track - we need to learn how to ride “on my knee”. Learned, and pretty quickly. The very rigid chassis and its precise geometry make it possible to lay the “razor” in such a way that it draws asphalt with lower plastic (I had already cut down the steps by a third of their length). After he began to ride "on his knee" in the city - he was sure of the absolute unwaveringness of the motorcycle. For which he was punished by Highside and the subsequent bone fracture. He reeled off his mustache: the firmness of the device depends a lot on the quality of the asphalt under the wheels … During the season, sawed off two sets of knee sliders.

Well, since it’s about hooliganism, I’ll also say that the engine’s potential is more than enough to lift the motorcycle into the “candle” from gas in the first two gears, that is, at speeds of up to 180 km / h. But it looks more spectacular (and I myself like it better) to pull the motive into the corner in the first, and in the “candle” switch to the second and third gears.

The brakes are sharper and more precisely, I have not yet met on any other bike (and traveled on different ones). You can brake from 250 km / h to zero without straining your muscles and nerves, “stop” at the traffic lights by pressing the front brake lever with one or two fingers.

All this is very sweet, but there is bitterness: brake pads cost $ 130 per set for both calipers, and they go (with such a ride) only 6-7 thousand km. I can not say anything about the rear brakes - I never used them: the engine has such a powerful braking torque that it is worth closing the gas at high speeds, as the “razor” reduces the speed no worse than a steam locomotive in the sand.


Here's what I’ll say about the predisposition of the bike to long trips. Its greatest advantage is that there is enough space in the seatpost for sneakers and jeans to fit into it. Comfortable speed on the highway is 170-180 km / h (slower - boring, faster - a headwind gets). At such a speed, the “razor” has the best exchange rate stability, but also “writes” the turns, like the sharpened horse of the Olympic champion Plushenko. I will say more: once, when the head of a Belarusian goose with the Georgian surname Kamikadze hit the front brake disc all the way, no foolishness arose. Although, I think, this is the merit of the steering damper - I installed it at the stage of motorcycle recovery.

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