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The Battle For Parking


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Video: Half-Life: Alyx OST #65 - Parking Battle 2023, January
The Battle For Parking
The Battle For Parking

Now, judging by the license plate numbers, in traffic jams with Muscovites, neighbors - Kaluga, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, are pushed on equal footing. Almost at home, the messengers of the distant Khanty-Mansiysk and other non-neighboring regions also feel. But there are no free parking lots in the city (we are not aware of them, anyway), there are insanely few paid ones, even based on minimal needs. Yes, and it’s a shame, you see, to pay for an unguarded piece of asphalt on Tverskaya 200 rubles per hour - more than for a guarded underground parking lot on the Champs Elysees in Paris! In most cases, both Muscovites and guests of the capital throw cars at the curbside, on the sidewalks, in short - where and how horrible. In order to influence the situation and delay the transport collapse, the city fathers promised intercepting parking lots, but so far they are not visible either. So at the beginning of winter I had to call tow trucks for help.

The process has gone

The fight in Moscow with improperly parked cars dates back to 1994. She walked with varying success, but reached its climax exactly 10 years later. In 2004, the mayor's office issued another order to evacuate the “wrong” cars (“if there are good reasons!”) And gave this “business” to private owners. The fact that the business promises to be very profitable was clearly hinted at by the price of the evacuation - 1852 rubles! The first three hours seemed to cost the owner free of charge, only the system was built so that no one could find their car during this time. So they began to take away everyone - the right and the guilty. The people rushed to human rights defenders, cases of offended motorists rained down in courts, as a result, in December of that year, Mayor Luzhkov suspended the action of tow trucks by his order. But to suspend does not mean to refuse at all.

Last year, on the basis of the State Unitary Enterprise "Dorinvest", the City Service for Moving Vehicles was established. From the reserve fund of the capital, 8.5 million rubles were allocated to her and the task was determined - to evacuate cars that interfere with snow removal. Fortunately, such a law does not prohibit. Doing this is absolutely free! As the first (he is the last) president of the USSR said: “The process has begun” …


As always, the first days of tow trucks were accompanied by media hype, and then everything seemed to quiet down. Now, in a city with an almost 3 millionth fleet of its own vehicles, several dozen tow trucks are operating. There are a lot of addresses where they regularly "graze". First of all, the Garden Ring. Numerous shops, service facilities, offices of banks and government agencies attract motorized visitors like a magnet, and the cat burst into tears where it was possible to park a car. And how people throw their cars there - not to describe. The larger and more expensive the model, the uglier it is parked.

Here a flock of three tow trucks seems to be preparing to "raid" into a chaotic parking lot in front of a shopping center near the Kursk station. In the meantime, men, before entering the "warpath", grab a snack in the cabins. We waited in an "ambush" for almost half an hour - dinner was delayed. Okay, let's go further - to the Taganka area. Near the metro station "Proletarskaya" finally saw tow trucks at work.


The “brigade” includes three tow trucks, two traffic police inspectors and a pretty young lady - she sculpts “special parking” stickers on the doors and hoods of cars. The "brigade" "cleans" the entrance to the trolleybus stop. Well, it’s a good thing: because of the ugly abandoned cars and the “horned” one cannot get to the stop, and passengers cannot get into his cabin. Just before the stop, a small flock of trolleybuses accumulated. This transport, although environmentally friendly, is painfully clumsy! God forbid, someone will put the car perpendicularly to the sidewalk or push it in the second row, the trolley will not be able to go round it. So - traffic jam and a nightmare on the road. The same with trams …


Our photographer starts shooting the work of a tow truck, and then a junior police lieutenant appears: who are we and why? “Ah, the magazine“Behind the wheel”! Clearly, you can shoot, but now you yourself know what the situation is … "What I didn’t specify, but returned the conversation to the tow truck:" And will this help? Well, you pull the cars around the corner - what will change? Ten minutes later, again, someone right before stopping their car will leave. " The officer does not mind the question: “And let him leave, I’ll come again! We go around in circles.” Well, one can only rejoice at such enthusiasm …

Tow trucks easily and without problems pull any "Lada" from the stop. Worse, when a car-intruder weighs a lot - both in the literal sense and for the money paid for it. We watch with caution as the tow truck lifts a BMW, which weighs, apparently, about two tons. What if it breaks?.. “Don’t worry,” Nikolay, the tow truck driver reassures us, “everything is in order. I calmly lifted the Gelendvagen, but it is much harder! You won’t leave us!”

The lieutenant continues to command the loading of the "boomer." He plaintively moans a siren and blinks an emergency gang. The people at the stop sluggishly comment on what is happening. Everyone is mainly concerned when the trolleybus starts.

I am going to "talk for life" with his driver. The South Russian dialect, a tired smile, in the radio booth broadcasts that Ukraine is threatening Russia to raise the price of salt. “Oh, let them pull the ropes, otherwise there is no life,” he points to the cars thrown here. - I'm not a plane, I will not go around! And so they promise to give in the face five times a day!”


According to our estimates, the “sweeping” of one average public transport stop takes about forty minutes. During this time, the inspector drew up a protocol; all the violators were pasted with a special tape, after which they were taken away to the nearest of the five Moscow parking lots. The battle for Moscow will continue, with lunch and weekend breaks. And so every day …


In the current form, the struggle of tow trucks with car owners is somewhat similar to a children's game of giveaways: some lazily "run away", others no less lazily "catch" them, while neither side is financially interested. Leonid Lipsits, the head of the center for traffic management in Moscow, is convinced that in order to solve the problem of improper parking (including parking on sidewalks), it is urgent to change federal legislation: “Such a law has long been necessary for large cities of Russia. And not only Moscow, but also St. Petersburg, Rostov, Yekaterinburg, Kazan. They have the same problems.” During the first month of winter in Moscow, more than 1, 100 cars were sent to penalty parking. Only this did not change the situation.

Vladimir Zolotarev, the head of the city service for moving vehicles of the State Unitary Enterprise “Dorinvest” echoes Leonid Lipsitsu: “The city incurs the costs of moving the cars, so the driver only pays a penalty for violating parking rules (50 rubles - MP). But this is if the car was taken from the special parking during the day. " In a word, officials believe that the root of all problems is low fines for improper parking and “free” tow trucks.

It is possible to inflate the prices for the “services” of tow trucks and the owners of the parking lots as much as you like, this will not change the situation in large cities until the cause of violations is eliminated. After all, Muscovites and guests of the capital are not monsters all the time, and they put their cars on the sidewalks not by malicious intent, but because there is nowhere else. We do not have enough parking lots - free, paid, intercepting, etc., and all the talk about their construction so far is only good wishes …

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