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High Sturdy Stool

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High Sturdy Stool
High Sturdy Stool

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Scooters with the Chinese brand Honling have been sold in Russia for the second year, but somehow it was not possible to "take them into circulation." And so it happened: take it - I do not want it, for a few days. But which model to choose? The fact is that there are four models of 50-cc units offered to buyers in Russia, all are named the same: Honling 50 - the so-called 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th series. The difference in design is small. Which, from the point of view of the consumer, is good if the engines, suspension, wheels are identical and interchangeable.

Honling 50 was kindly surprised. Most Chinese motorcycle manufacturers use designs purchased under license from Japanese companies, because their scooters, designed for undersized and slender Japanese, are “babies” and are “cramped” for our person. The same one, Honling, is huge, obviously designed for a person of European constitution, its wide and long saddle is for two. Tall, by Japanese standards, the steering wheel is very convenient: the knees and lower body fit freely behind the front shield - protection from the winds is provided. On this scooter, as I understood later, it is “warm” on cold days.

… Into the everyday city traffic of cars. The scooter quickly gained speed, I freely maneuvered in areas of "increased traffic density". Frankly, at first he was cautious: it seemed that some car was about to be hit by a wide stern. After two kilometers to the dimensions he got used to it and stopped thinking about them - he concentrated on the motor.

He is the most incomprehensible place in the Chinese four-stroke. Note, I didn’t say “weak”: more than one season must pass before the operating practice shows whether Chinese engines are durable or not, whether they have enough playfulness or if the dynamics of these “stools” are so “rotten” that it’s just dangerous to move around in the city True, Honling has a special situation: the motors are assembled at the same factory as the scooters themselves, and they don’t receive a “pig in a poke” supply, and if without metaphors, the engines are in boxes. This compares favorably with the goods of this manufacturer (which, by the way, has already been “struck” for two decades) from many other Chinese factories.

The quietly rumbling motor is well balanced, and I did not feel the vibration, unlike the early creations of the “rice” factories. This is why I draw your attention to this. I remember that I “circled” an apparatus on which at a speed of 45 km / h the vibration on the polik was such that the “itch” penetrated the entire body and forced either to release gas or raise legs.


Honling accelerates as if it were electric: it opened the gas - and the scooter assertively and smoothly picks up speed. (Unfortunately, I had to keep the car at 40 km / h - it has not yet been run-in.) Of course, the dynamics are worse, compared with the Japanese two-stroke engines, about the same as on an average car. But at the traffic light you can start off and accelerate along with the stream, without disturbing anyone and instilling in the minds of car owners a new thought for them: “Look, they are not all crazy!”

Since the movement in the break-in mode could not give a clear idea of ​​the capabilities of the "Chinese", I switched to the same, but already run-in apparatus - to check the speed characteristics. And he was pleasantly surprised: the scooter went! Accelerated, according to a motorcycle speedometer (not because the "native" did not work, I just could not believe my own eyes) to 85 km / h!.. I know, I know - now you will start to protest: "No, it can’t be! These are all your tricks, speedometers are “buggy”, and not 50 “cubes” in it, but all 90!..”Those who rode on this“stool”will grin and nod their heads: maybe!

The thing is that Honling has a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 50 "cubes" and a correctly tuned variator. As you know, the main advantages of four-stroke engines are environmental friendliness, profitability and good torque. It is the torque that is evenly distributed over a large interval of the speed scale that allows the motor to “pull” in a wide range. This means that the transmission can be adjusted so that with a slow increase in speed a high speed is achieved. The two-stroke engine is not able to “pull” the transmission - it needs to “spin up” much faster, therefore the range of “working”, power revolutions is significantly narrowed. And with our engine it turns out like this: at the end of the variator’s work, the motor has a solid reserve of “promotion” to the red zone of the tachometer. Now it’s clear how the “impossible” 85 are achievable?

At first it seemed that the suspension was unjustifiably stiff: at low speeds the rear wheel used to come off the ground if I ran into hatches or potholes. But if you ride alone (which, incidentally, does not bother the driver), the suspension "worked" adequately at all speeds. And on the run-in "Chinese" I realized one more thing: at maximum speed, the stiff suspension turns into ideal - hatches and longitudinal cracks are overcome without loss of course and stability. Due to an important feature: the suspension - with hydraulics, both rear and front. This is important because it is not typical of the "Chinese". Usually their front is a cheap copy of the "Honda" levers, at best - a "dry" telescope.

On a non-rolled scooter, the brakes had not yet got used to. I checked them after fifty kilometers of dough … And you know, they’re nothing! True, the rear drum drum slightly spoils the impression: the cable is slightly stretched, you have to exert a lot of effort on the lever, plus the sluggish “drum” dynamics of deceleration. This does not compare with the front cool two-piston caliper. I want to say that the brakes are, in principle, not bad and adequate to the class of the device, but the driver who has already fallen into "any" situations will want more from them.

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