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Eyes, Teeth And Tails

Video: Eyes, Teeth And Tails
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Eyes, Teeth And Tails
Eyes, Teeth And Tails

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If you can do well, why do bad? The question seems to be rhetorical, but meanwhile, many manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles, relatively speaking, worsen the model of average cubic capacity. The motives are clear - to make them as cheap as possible. But all the same, it is unnatural if the machines intentionally impoverish the equipment and simplify the technical device.

The American concern Polaris now does not accept this approach. The buyer of the latest mid-range models - Hawkeye (Hawkeye - hawk eye) and Sawtooth (Sotus - saw tooth) - does not feel left out just because he chose a lightweight car.

The Hawkeye all-terrain vehicle chassis is almost the same as on the flagship Sportsman: in front is an independent suspension on McPherson struts, an independent link suspension at the rear, and hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels. 300 cc 4-stroke engine - air-oil cooled and electric starter. As with all Polaris all-terrain vehicles of a sporting and utilitarian nature, the motor is interlocked with a V-belt variator. The buyer can choose the option with only rear-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive version. In the latter case, he will appreciate the advantages of the On Demand All-Wheel Drive (“all-wheel drive on demand”) proprietary transmission, which delivers torque to all four wheels on slippery ground - unlike the common systems with a front limited slip differential with which the car often drives twisting only three wheels.

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