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Swift Thrush


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Swift Thrush
Swift Thrush

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He is in good condition. It promptly replaced consumables and oil. The new air filter … Blackbird in the carburetor version is very sensitive to air, or rather, to its deficiency. In the conditions of unhindered intake of air into the engine, a failure in traction and subsequent pickup in the region of 7000 rpm are practically not noticeable …

I'm leaving on the freeway. 225 kg of dry weight (or almost 300 - curb weight) confidently "hold" the road. Gusts of wind, as a staunch communist, are not able to knock Blackbird off course. The gear shift should be very clear, each is easily fixed. The steering wheel controls are convenient and reliable. The clutch, like on other motorcycles of this class, is hydraulically driven, which allows it to be squeezed out and released evenly. Clippers on the steering wheel are located on top of the yoke - their placement forms a "tourist" landing of the driver. A massive front fairing protects the driver from an unfriendly headwind absolutely.

The information content of the devices is at the level of marginal sufficiency, each is located in its own logical place: in the center of the dashboard there is a speedometer (marked up to 320 km / h), a tachometer on the right, a fuel level indicator in the upper left corner, and a coolant temperature indicator at the bottom. The location of the “tidy” is also convenient - I can follow the testimony without lowering my head and not distracting from the control.

Drove onto the ring road - and "gave soot." 164 "horses" easily dispersed a heavy shell. In the year of its birth, Blackbird was the fastest production motorcycle in the world, and even now the speed is more than: 300 km / h (by speedometer) is easily achievable for it.


After a lumbago on the highway, I return to the city with its heavy traffic. Easily changing from row to row, quickly penetrate traffic jams. The motorcycle is narrow, so there is enough automobile aisle for confident movement. Large rear-view mirrors are fixed to the legs through rubber gaskets, so no vibrations are transmitted to them - the image is always clear. At one of the city interchanges, he laid the motorcycle to the “knee”. The low center of gravity makes it easy to roll it into turns and, with a sharp decrease in the turning radius, calmly “report”.

On my “thrush” two stock mufflers were replaced with one carbon direct-flow exhaust system and the central footboard was removed. As a result, the motik “lost weight” by almost 20 kg - and this added sportiness to it …

I snoop between rows, the sound from the exhaust pipe increases the degree of passive safety - warns motorists about approaching me, who has the right to travel on roads no less than they motorists. But, as always, onlookers are being found who do not hear anything or do not want to know about the existence of motorcyclists and, without looking in the rear-view mirrors, are being rebuilt in the next row across my course. It is necessary to brake sharply. When the front brake lever is pressed, the Combined Brake System activates the brakes of both wheels simultaneously (the brake force is distributed at the rate of 60% to the front wheel, 40% to the rear), and the motorcycle is very intense, but also predictably slows down.


I send a couple of kind words to the inattentive driver and continue driving. The lack of spring stiffness adjustments in the front fork does not affect handling. And the rear shock absorber has a spring preload adjustment … On my motorcycle there are heated handles. This is a purely tourist attribute, although not superfluous - in the cold they warm their hands pleasantly and dry their gloves in the rain.

The Scottoiler device (automatic chain lubricator), which is very necessary in tourist trips, works well: even with short lumbago in the city, the chain does not remain dry.

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