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Mazda Xedos 6. Not All Mazda Are Equally Useful

Video: Mazda Xedos 6. Not All Mazda Are Equally Useful
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Mazda Xedos 6. Not All Mazda Are Equally Useful
Mazda Xedos 6. Not All Mazda Are Equally Useful

In general, one of the spring days of 2002, I became the proud owner of a 1993 Mazda Xedos 6 car, parting with 7, 500 American rubles.

What did you get in return? Well, a very nice appearance (the exterior, so to speak), a leather interior in very good condition, heated seats, airbags, ABS and power steering, "electric" antenna and glass, a manual gearbox, air conditioning in working condition. And also - 2 liters of volume, V6 and 140 hp! However, when the euphoria passed, I noticed the following: the headlights shine in different directions and somehow dim; plastic dashboard trim - frankly cheap; clearance - more precisely, the lack thereof; “Cutting” silencer, etc. Considering this the little things in life and eliminating the undercutting of the air along with the “oblique light” of the headlights, I realized that neither replacing the bulbs, nor adjusting the headlights did not give the expected result, but together with the standard foglights it was possible to go. Further, all sorts of problems and problems fell from the cornucopia …

What kind? The first thousand mileage required the replacement of anti-roll bars (40 cu EVERY), front brake discs (120 cu EVERY) and CV joint boot (the price is lost in the above). Accordingly, I changed the engine oil, oil and cabin filters, as well as pads (front - 80 cu, rear - 50 cu).

Total at the ends for the first month of operation - 450 cu (without oil and gasoline). Having persuaded himself that all this was from the series “overlooked himself”, and the car was good and reliable, he happily “moved” the next month. Just the summer has come - it’s hot, and I have not only air conditioning in stock, but also WORK! True, I got sick after a week of use, but this is irrelevant. In mid-July, it began to toss the stern, to thunder with the familiar knock of the racks of lateral stability and to “troit” in a warmed state. After a week, the knocking intensified, tripling turned into a constant discharge, the mental state fell to a critical level and, again, STO: all the faces were familiar … Verdict: stabilizer struts (OBE) - 80 cu; rear shock absorbers at 50 cu; steering tip plus "collapse" - 25 cu; a broken candle tip (sold in sets of 50 cu) … The result of three months of operation pulled out 205 cu from me expenses.

Will we be optimistic? We’ll try, but it’s only 655 cu now. And at the end of September, air conditioning died on the road from the Black Sea, the light went out and the radio and windows with the sunroof stopped working. Then - a familiar knock, and then an unfamiliar knock, and also the incomprehensible effect of a "goat" when picking up speed and when braking - and even when driving too. The morning upon arrival began according to plan: Service Station, Verdict, Auto Parts Store, Water is wet, The sky is blue, and life is Shit.

Rest was forgotten immediately after leaving the store. Verdict: stabilizer struts (OBE) - 80 cu (I understand that this is a consumable, such as air in the tires); steering tips - at 55 cu; ball - one pc. for $ 20; the muffler mounting bracket - it flew off, it was necessary to cook … The “goat” effect was achieved by completely unbalancing the wheels (the native alloy wheels were balanced honestly before the trip) plus a hernia on the rear left and front right wheels (I didn’t understand why). The result - 4 "used" cylinders plus tire fitting equals 200 cu … The electrician regained its working capacity after replacing some reels in the amount of 5 pieces (for dismantling - 10 cu each, in the store - from 13 to 35 cu). In total for a month - 460 cu

Immediately after the repair, he advertised for sale - he calmed down a bit. Everything is fine - nothing knocks, does not troit, music works, the sun shines; wife, son and I walk, relax - idyll. However, it began to rain … They got into the car, stuffy (who does not remember - the “condo” has already died), the wife lowered the window. I am looking for some - it will not start: the starter is spinning, and the engine DOES NOT START. On the street - half past five in the afternoon, Sunday, Kharkov, 80 km from the house, and life - SHIT. He opened the hood, smartly examining the engine, the rain intensifies, the wife wanted to close the window, but it DOES NOT CLOSE! I immediately began to hate the Japanese …

Result: disassembled door trim, heavy rain, cold, raised hood. They managed to raise the glass after attaching the fallen-off contact to some terminal … After a short mental assault, I decided to inspect the candles. In all the wells there was oil, and above the candles !!! Omitting the nuances, I will immediately dwell on the verdict of the service station: two gaskets of valve covers (V6 engine) of 30 cu each; work - 30 cu; diagnostics and bringing electricians in proper form - 50 cu etc. Total for six months of operation - 1500 cu, for one month - 250 cu Therefore, he quickly lowered the price in the ad by 20%. But then there was winter, which took another 400 cu from me. and forced to reduce the price by 30%. Sold the car in the spring…

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