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Tianma Fengling. "A Dark Horse"


Video: Tianma Fengling. "A Dark Horse"

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Video: International Archives - Dark Horse 2023, January
Tianma Fengling. "A Dark Horse"
Tianma Fengling. "A Dark Horse"

More than two thousand years ago, in one of the military campaigns, Chinese General Khan Shin ordered the scouts to fly kites into the sky around the besieged city and use them as a guide when digging undermining and moving troops. The calculation turned out to be correct.

The Tianma pickup truck, which appeared on the market at the beginning of the year, is also a scout: it is the first to step on our rough terrain. A young Chinese auto industry with wind speed scatters news on Russian open spaces like landmarks, looks at the reaction, guides itself and … gets ready for the takeover.

Tianma is a "dark horse", we will curb it, and along with a kite, now it is fashionable to call it - kite. Yes, and a modern pickup truck is not only a hard worker, but also SUT - a truck for sports-active transportation. And the trailer will pull. And in the cabin there is enough room for everyone. A huge trunk is not only useful for hunting: you can carry an ATV and sports equipment.


Tianma has Japanese roots, and young ones, - Isuzu DMax of the 2002 model, which distinguishes the new product from the Great Wall and Admiral tribesmen. The chopped edges of the Tianma body are not a historical heritage, but modern. The Chinese added bright touches to their creation: a chrome radiator grille and new optics. The cabin is dominated by simplicity and practicality, traditional for pickups. And there are more amenities here: electric windows and mirrors, CD-radio, central locking with remote control, air conditioning. There are also enough compartments for small things: a niche above the glove box and under the center console, a box-armrest. But the interior is old-fashioned and clumsy. Although, the more time you spend in a Chinese car, the less you notice that the wood inserts are loud, and the hard plastic glistens cheaply. It is much more important that the “Chinese” miscalculations in ergonomics are a thing of the past. At the wheel of a Tianma, it’s easy to find the optimal fit; the gear lever is always at hand. The instrument cluster is comfortable and easy to read. The steering column is adjustable in height, the seats are stiff, with good lateral support, the steering wheel is trimmed with leather. And the seat upholstery is fabric, unpretentious and easily soiled - impractical for a pickup truck. But the cargo compartment has a wear-resistant coating - this is good. High clearance is also good, but there is a downside: getting out of Tianma is not easy, you have to jump out of the car. Or drop out? And when you try to find support under your foot, you inevitably get dirty on the threshold. However, you get used to it quickly.


Off-road potential at Tianma be healthy. Body on the frame. The main drive is rear, the front is connected rigidly through a transfer case with a demultiplier. The car’s suspension is nothing tricky: the front one is independent on the wishbones, and the rear has a completely rigid axle on four-leaf springs. Therefore, an empty pickup truck reacts harshly to bumps in the road, but the settings are chosen correctly - Isuzu engineers did their best. The balance between comfort and handling is close to optimal. Off-road, the driver only needs courage and getting into a rut, the rest the car will do itself. Tianma walks through fresh snow despite the Hankook summer tires. Under the hood is a Mitsubishi 4-cylinder 2.4-liter gasoline engine. It pulls excellently almost from idle, and from the 2000 mark it starts and vigorously accelerates. Owners of Great Wall and Admiral will dream about a motor with such an even character. And also Isuzu diesel is stocked up. 2.8 liters 95 l with. with excellent traction in the bottoms. It is not long to wait - dealers promise a diesel modification in a month and rub their hands: they say such a pickup will definitely find a buyer.

Tianma costs 499 thousand rubles, with a diesel engine - 535 thousand. But it’s not easy to master the pick-up market in Russia: our people don’t go to such a summer cottage, therefore they don’t often drop into this market sector either.

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