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Gumpert Apollo. A New Supercar That Can Outshine Everyone Else

Video: Gumpert Apollo. A New Supercar That Can Outshine Everyone Else
Video: Fifth Gear: Gumpert Apollo S 2023, February
Gumpert Apollo. A New Supercar That Can Outshine Everyone Else
Gumpert Apollo. A New Supercar That Can Outshine Everyone Else

Remember Nabokovskaya Lolita? Nothing in common, forget it! Although here the matter is serious - after all, two Roland and their like-minded people created the same car that can wipe the nose of the famous supercars Porsche Carrera GT, Pagani Zonda, Lamborghini Murcielago, Maserati MC12 and others like them. The fact is that the goal of the project was to create a real supercar with an unprecedented low cost - from $ 140, 000 to $ 200, 000, one and a half, or even two times cheaper than other cars with comparable characteristics. Some even compare this car with the Bugatti Veyron. But the analogy is not at all obvious … Although the “fathers” of the project would undoubtedly be flattered.

This ambitious idea could be ridiculed. But quite serious men undertook its embodiment, having previously calculated the result. Mayer is far from a newcomer to motorsport and tuning, and Gumpert is the head of Volkswagen sports programs, and then Audi, which has four titles and 25 victories in the rally. Both are highly qualified engineers and experienced businessmen.

The design is classic. "Complicated" spatial frame of chrome-molybdenum pipes. It contains a power unit arranged inside the base, suspension and cockpit, closed hinged panels made of carbon fiber. Everything is as light as possible and as durable as possible. Dimensions of the car - 44460x1998x1105 mm, curb weight - 1100 kg.

Engine native, brand Audi. In the basic version, it is put on the RS6 model. This is a 4.2 liter V8 with two turbines. But there is a trick - it is prepared in the company of Mayer. In the basic version, the engine develops 650 hp. at 6000 rpm and 850 N.m at 4500 rpm. The origin of the 6-speed sequential gearbox has not yet been determined, but according to rumors it was taken from the arsenal of athletes performing on Audi. Double wishbones - precisely from the DTM ring races. Without a doubt, the same 6-piston brakes with 380 mm discs. What is interesting: the brakes are the same on both axles! Apparently, they worked on the settings for a long time and carefully.

The dynamic characteristics of the car excite the imagination: up to 100 km / h it accelerates in 3.0 seconds, up to 200 in 8.9, the maximum speed exceeds 360 km / h. Oh, where are such roads ?!

Obviously, Mr. Gumpert is no stranger to adventurism. He not only ventured to offend Audi, creating a competitor to the current Lamborghini with the same engine, but also put on the hood of his brainchild a mythical griffin (half-half-half-eagle). Or is Saab no longer a competitor for him? I wonder if there are any other cars with the name Apollo? After all, this is the name of the new German supercar. NASA does not seem to mind so far. Greece has not yet claimed.

Be that as it may, now in the world there is one more brand in the super class. Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH (Altenburg, Thuringia, the territory of the former German Democratic Republic) flocks orders from around the world, and this flow can be called very lively - despite the fact that the base price still surpassed the upper limit determined at the beginning of the project, 198 000 euros. The price of various options to match the car itself. Almost 10, 000 are being asked for air conditioning alone. So, out of two Humperts - a businessman and an engineer - the businessman won. Still, there is something Nabokov’s here …

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