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Eights In The Snow


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Eights In The Snow
Eights In The Snow

After a little analysis, it turned out that the vast majority of press and public relations specialists in the world's leading automotive companies are women. Lovely women! Sensitive, attentive, responsive.

The situation is similar in Russia. But we, as always, have our own characteristics. Pleasant features.

As you know, the automobile business in Russia is ahead of Europe, America and Asia with Oceania in the pace of development. Guess why? That's right - because real beauties work in the Russian representative offices of world car manufacturers! Any cars bloom under their gaze. The most expensive and luxurious diverge like hot cakes, and cars with diesel engines begin to be sold at the Arctic Circle.

In their hands, accurate information becomes even more reliable, the press folder is even more voluminous, photographs are even more colorful.

But seriously, it is they who provide journalists with news about the activities of companies, organize acquaintances with the latest in the market, and provide cars for tests. I don’t really know what we would do without them!

However, we wanted to not only praise colleagues from the press services for their quickness and clarity in their work, but also to compliment their professionalism and driving skills. The best way to do this is to have a competition!




Remember: when weather forecasters announced a sharp drop in temperature, few seriously believed that winter could so viciously snarl at global warming. And on you, January 18 - minus 33 ° C on a thermometer! The thought that the equipment didn’t fail, the cars started and the girls safely reached the Crocus Expo, which provided a platform for arrivals and a hall of the cozy Montreux cafe.

I think that the Frost Governor would fully support me in wanting to reward all who came. He arranged a test for people and technology, but the girls in the struggle for the cup still had to compete in the ability to drive a car (their company and competitor brand), as well as show theoretical knowledge.

It's time to talk about the cup.


It was on those winter days that the most complimentary of all the prizes I knew came to light, judging by the name. From now on, the editorial staff decided in honor of International Women's Day to annually hold automobile competitions “Compliment“Driving”. The right to challenge the cups was the first to be obtained by the press secretaries of foreign companies operating in Moscow. One of the initiators of the meeting - master of sports and author of books on the art of driving a car Mikhail Gorbachev explained to the distinguished guests the rules of the competition.

He proposed a track consisting of three eights, described around four cones, with a start and finish at the fifth. The trajectory along which the car goes through the exercise is sometimes called the Maltese cross - it really resembles the sign of the spiritual-chivalric order of the Johannites, or hospitals.

Of course, they did not invest any religious connotation in the task. But you must admit: in the words “knight”, “order” there is a certain mystery … In order to accurately clarify the task and not lose time in the cold, each of the girls had to go along the route drawn on the board. She just seems simple. On the eve of Michael and I cut these "eights", rolling snow. I realized that the exercise requires close attention - a little distracted, and do not immediately realize which cone on which side to go around.

Try to describe yourself four circles around the central cone in a clockwise direction and three more around the side cones against the clock. And see if you can do it right away! That is why, before bringing our dear guests to the “cross” in the cold, we proposed to work out the maneuvers in the diagram.

An indispensable attribute of the Cup competition is the draw. So the girls recognized the brands of “alien” cars, on which they were to draw three more snowy “eights”.




So far, the trial and the case, a support group of the editorial staff of “Behind the Wheel” built the cars of the participants in the form of a symbolic daisy that spread its petals in all directions. A beautiful sight, do not tear your eyes. It is no accident that our artist decided to open the report with this photo.

From one listing of models and brands breathtaking. Porsche Cayenne on S, Volkswagen Tuareg with a V10 diesel engine, the updated Kraisler Pie Tee Cruiser, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, which just appeared on the market Renault Modus, Mercedes-Benz B-class, Opel Astra GTC, BMW-118i and the well-established Citroen C4, Mazda 6, Toyota Avensis and Ford Focus.

The cars themselves are very decent and at the same time different: how will they behave in the snowy "eights"? Some will benefit from all-wheel drive, others - due to a shorter wheelbase and a smaller turning radius, others - thanks to a more powerful motor, fourth - a successful tread pattern will help … And yet, the main thing is the skillful actions of the driver!


Cars started in the order of the Latin alphabet. BMW, followed by the Citroen, Jeep, Ford … Closed up the Toyota. So it has already happened that because of the name of the brand starting with “T”, one of the world leaders makes itself known only at the end of all catalogs and reference books. Well, even the most powerful companies have to concede in something, obeying the magic power of letters!

[caption id = "attachment_187589" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Tatyana Rusakova, TOYOTA-AVENCIS

Avensis is the most “European” car in Toyota's lineup. His "credo" is prestige, comfort and solidity. At the wheel of this car you feel like a real business woman, he emphasizes your purposefulness "]


[/ caption] The Russian branch of Toyota nominated two for the Cup “At the wheel”, Tatyana Rusakova and Elena Tytyuchenko. The fact is that Tatyana, a leading specialist in public relations, came to the company not so long ago and is still only mastering driving skills. She preferred the position of navigator, giving way to a more experienced marketing colleague.

[caption id = "attachment_187587" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Ekaterina Kulinenko, FORD MONDEO

"Mondeo" excellent road holding, it is impeccable in management. A well-tuned suspension "eats" all the bumps, and the car does not deviate one iota from a given trajectory.

It is no coincidence that Mondeo is considered one.”]


[/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_187580" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Oksana Vershinina, CITROEN-C4

Among all the cars I highlight C4. I think that it is optimal for me - modern, comfortable, dynamic and incredibly beautiful. The Quartet immediately stands out on the streets of the city, which is important for any woman. Inside you "]


[/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_187588" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Oksana Hartonyuk,


It is difficult to single out one thing, for which I love this car. Its impeccable technical characteristics speak for themselves and there is no need to repeat them. Comfort, speed, reliability and emphasis on individuality - quality "]


[/ caption] Yekaterina Kulinenko at Ford Mondeo, Oksana Vershinina at Citroen-C4, Natalya Mishenina at Renault Modus, the crew of Toyota Avensis became the fourth in the races on “their” cars. Due to an earlier injury on the ski slope, Oksana Hartonyuk completed the race with a noticeable lag, driving the Porsche with just one healthy hand. On the track, where you have to make turns around the axis, changing directions and twisting the steering wheel from lock to lock, you won’t fight with one hand! Unfortunately, the pain in the shoulder did not allow Oksana to start in the second race.

Change of cars: now the powerful Porsche goes to Evgenia Cheredkova. On someone else's horse, she shows the best time. The leader of the first race Ekaterina Kulinenko at the Opel-Astra GTC comes second, with the third result Ksenia Klimushina finishes at the Volkswagen Tuareg, Oksana Vershinina at Toyota Avensis becomes the fourth.

The first winners are revealed. By the sum of the two races, this is Ekaterina Kulinenko from Ford, Oksana Vershinina from Citroën lost to her half a second, Evgeny Cheredkova from Daimler-Chrysler lost seven tenths, Elena Tytyuchenko and Tatyana Rusakova from Toyota lost 0.9 seconds to the winner.

[caption id = "attachment_187582" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Natalya Mishenina, RENO-MODUS

When developing this micro-van, Renault engineers had a goal - to create a car that would be "roomy inside, small outside." As a result of their efforts, the compact and dynamic “Modus” has an excellent overview.”]


[/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_187586" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Ksenia Klimushina, BMW-118i

I like my car - it is very balanced. This is a combination of, firstly, “driver” characteristics - it is well controlled, it has amazing brakes, and by turning off the dynamic driving control (DTC) system,”]


[/ caption] Cups “Compliment“At the wheel”for speaking on“their”cars were also received by Natalya Mishenina (“Avtoframos”), on“strangers”- Klimushina Ksenia (“BMW Russland Trading”). The cup for the will to win was awarded to Oksana Hartonyuk (“Porsche”), for the most spectacular passage of the distance - to Tatyana Halyavskaya from Volkswagen. She raised her snow whirlwinds with her Tuareg, behind the veil of which the car itself sometimes disappeared. Anna Kapitonova won the cup in the extra race, when the girls were asked to ride any of the cars on the snow field.

A happy dozen foreign cars were commendable. However, there was the thirteenth car - Nissan. Tatyana Natarova, an employee of the representative office of this Japanese company, due to a business trip, passed the track on the eve of the competition at Mikra. According to the time shown on her car, she entered the top five and was also awarded the Compliment Driving Cup.


The meeting ended with a theoretical competition. According to excerpts from the magazines “Behind the Wheel”, the participants had to determine their car and, as far as possible, the rest.


The girls were worried: in such a contest, it is a matter of honor to recognize your favorite brand and model! We were worried that the proposed characteristics and definitions of cars might not be too precise and expressive for anyone.

Phew, it seems to have gone through - not a single mistake in determining your own car! And the best in the competition was Elena Divakova from Daimler-Chrysler, who determined the largest number of models presented.

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