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The Most Outstanding Cars. Out Of The Ordinary

Video: The Most Outstanding Cars. Out Of The Ordinary
The Most Outstanding Cars. Out Of The Ordinary
The Most Outstanding Cars. Out Of The Ordinary

One way or another, celebrities of both polarities fall on the front pages, and the story goes only to those who are ordinary. In this review, there will be none - only the very best.



Let's start with the most expensive cars. The record holder in the US market has become a sports car manufactured by Salin - and this is not the first time. The S7 model went on sale in 2002 and immediately broke all records: more than 450 thousand dollars were asked for it! And three years later, the founder of the company, the rider Steve Salin, prepared a turbocharged version, thanks to which the power of the car was increased from 550 to 750 hp. It is noteworthy that the engine is not borrowed from production models, as is often the case with piece sports cars. "Eight" is designed from scratch in the "stable" Salina, its volume reaches 7 liters. This entailed a rise in price of up to $ 555, 000 dollars. In Europe, a car costs $ 670, 000.

The second and third places also belong to sports cars - the Italian Pagani-Sonda S12S 7.3 ($ 598, 000) and the Swedish Koenigsegg-SSR for $ 562, 659. German cars appear only in fifth and sixth positions - Porsche Carrera GT "($ 445 thousand) and Maybach 62" ($ 444 thousand).

The average prices of the most expensive cars are growing slightly every year - such is the fee for modification, growing world inflation and scanty production volumes.


The latter factor, as a rule, has a gigantic effect on pricing. With output growth, cost decreases more and more, again stimulating the expansion of production. If this snowball rolls in the right direction, then the result is amazing. Illustrates his Toyota, which for a year holding the lead among manufacturers of the most mass cars of all time. We all know “Corolla” - the record holder in circulation.

From the moment they appeared in 1966 to May 2005, 30, 146, 103 Corollas were produced. Until the end of 2005, more than 450, 000 Corollas were made. The car has been “on the charts” since 1982, when the 10 millionth instance rolled off the assembly line, the 20 millionth mark was submitted to Toyota by 1995. Given the excellent reliability of this model, it would be fair to rename the golf class, to which the "Japanese" belongs, in her honor. However, Volkswagen Golf, although behind the Corolla, is not much behind - its circulation exceeds 23 million units.

Tiny and gluttons

The annual economy rating published in the US press includes several massive Toyota cars. But primacy is in hybrids. “Honda Insight” firmly holds the lead with a result of 3.9 and 3.6 l / 100 km (city / highway), “silver” - for the Toyota Prius (3.9 and 4.6 l, respectively).

Of the “Europeans,” only a few can beat such an indicator. For example, a Volkswagen-Lupo diesel engine with a three-cylinder engine. During the record race, this car covered 4, 683 km in 20 European countries and spent only 2.78 liters of fuel per 100 km during the trip.


As stated in the prologue, fame does not like the middle peasants. And now everyone knows the name of the most gluttonous car of the American market! The rating mentioned above stigmatizes the national favorite, the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup with a 4.7-liter V-shaped eight. Not possessing extraordinary dynamic characteristics, he nevertheless eats 26.1 liters of gasoline for every hundred!


Let's go back to hybrids and see what other achievements besides profitability they can handle. At last year's Detroit Auto Show, the same Toyota set the Prius, setting a speed record among its own kind. Arrival took place in the fall of 2004 on the salt lake Bonneville, Utah, where they built a 3-mile track. After several attempts, a speed of 210 km / h was recorded, which so far remains unsurpassed by other hybrids. At least officially.


Looking at the exhibition sample, you won’t immediately say that the Prius was seriously worked by specialists, except that an inquiring glance will note a reduced clearance. In fact, the engineers had to sweat: to increase the return on the hybrid installation, they mounted an additional cooling system. It came in handy on the day of the races, because the air temperature was approaching + 40 ° Celsius. For the sake of the record, they reduced the gear ratio of the main pair, lightened the body, and put the special Goodyear tires on the car.

The highest achievement of the hybrid car is still far behind not only gasoline, but also electric relatives. Back in 1999, on the same Lake Bonneville, the White Lightning Electric Streamliner electric car under the control of Patrick Rammerfield set a record for electric cars. His "lightning" weighing 1111 kg shot to 160 km / h in 8 seconds and soon accelerated to 396 km / h!

The achievement was officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, but Rammerfield did not hide a slight annoyance: according to calculations, the car was supposed to accelerate to a speed of 300 mph or 483 km / h. Of course, the "lightning" is not quite familiar in our understanding of a car. If you take into account such exotic, you can get to the "rocket car": equipped with a jet engine 11.5-meter monster "Blue Flame" developed on the earth a speed worthy of heaven - 1014 km / h!

[caption id = "attachment_187932" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Cannot be found faster than a sedan: this is a Mercedes

E-class according to Brabus.



[/ caption] Among cars with internal combustion engines host sports cars and creations of tuning studios. Here, for example, is not a particularly catchy at first glance “Mercedes” E-class in the back of W211. Imagine the surprise of a biker who fails to detach himself from a middle-class sedan hanging on its tail! Try it, if the Brabus accelerates to 100 km / h in minuscule 4.5 s, jump over the “200” mark after 11.7 s, and after half a minute it rushes at a speed of 300 km / h! The official record set by the car for serial passenger sedans is 350.2 km / h.

To achieve such results, Brabus specialists brought and installed a 12-cylinder biturbo engine from the previous generation S600 under the hood of the E-class. Power? From now on, it is 640 hp. Trucks and buses will envy the torque - 1026 N.m! So that the owner could confidently besiege the crazy sedan, calipers with 12 (!) Pistons are used in the brakes, pressing the pads to the huge 375 mm ceramic discs. “Only” six pistons were used for the rear wheels, and the discs are more modest - 355 mm.


At the BAUMA construction machinery exhibition, Liebher showed the largest car in the world - the T282B mining truck with a length of 14.5 m, a width of 9 m and a height of 7.4 m. The machine takes on board 363 tons of rock and is capable of moving at speeds up to 64 km / hours The delivery of this monster was handled by several transport companies that transported it in parts in six containers.


At the other extreme, babies. To this day, the achievement of the English Peel Engineering Company, which produced from 1962 to 1965, has not been beaten. micromobile "Pil-P50". This single-seat miracle had a length of only 1.34 m, a width and height of 0.99 and 1.34 m and was driven by a 4 hp engine. Some owners of "Saw" weigh more than their car curb weight … 59 kg.

The story of miracle cars can be continued indefinitely. But no less surprising are the records achieved on completely ordinary machines. Recently, our foreign colleagues accidentally stumbled upon a car that hit them with mileage. The modest “Smart” honestly served in a dental clinic, tirelessly distributing drugs, receipts and prescriptions. As a result, in just five years, his mileage reached … 550 thousand kilometers! Moreover, neither the engine nor the Smart transmission were overhauled.

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