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Experts Of VAZ And GAZ Plants Answer


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Experts Of VAZ And GAZ Plants Answer
Experts Of VAZ And GAZ Plants Answer

At the VAZ

1. I was able to sit behind the wheel of a Kalina: I liked it, but I need a car with a more practical body - a station wagon. Why does AvtoVAZ always postpone their production “for later”?

Having studied the experience of manufacturing and selling cars - from "classic" models to cars of the "tenth" family, we were convinced that the demand for station wagons does not exceed 15 percent of the total output.

The best-selling cars in Russia are with a sedan body, which is why the production of each new model begins with it.

2. Can I order a VAZ 2114 or 2115 in a carburetor version at the factory?

AvtoVAZ now produces cars "Samara" only with electronic engine control systems. Carburetor VAZ 2109 3 is assembled only at the Syzran plant. Type approval for this vehicle is valid until mid-2006.

Subsequent certification will require compliance with Euro II toxicity standards, which are introduced in the Russian Federation on April 1, 2006. With a carburetor, these standards cannot be met, so all new cars will be equipped with an ECM.

3. They say that once for Niva they developed an original transmission with a gearbox and a razdatka in a single unit. Now the Chevrolet Niva has appeared: the look is new, but the content … What if we revive a unique unit? Then the fans at Niva will surely increase

Such a unit, combining a gearbox and a transfer gearbox in one housing, was developed and brought to the industrial design stage by specialists of the AvtoVAZ scientific and technical center. It is intended for the Chevrolet Niva car with the Opel engine.

The question of the appropriateness of mastering this modification of the car is in the competence of the management of JM-AvtoVAZ joint venture.

4. Saw on sale adjustable struts cups front struts. Why are they installed?

In VAZ cars, the torsional rigidity of the body is quite high, in normal operating conditions they do not need additional struts. The use of the latter is justified in sports competitions when the car is subject to extreme loads.

The spacer between the Lada-110 front struts allows you to increase the speed when performing the “rearrangement” maneuver on dry asphalt by a maximum of 0.5 km / h. For comparison: careful selection of tires improves this indicator by 2–4 km / h.



1. There is no TAD-17I oil on sale, which is prescribed to be poured into the Volga rear axle housing. Is it possible to replace it with another, equivalent in properties?

TAD-17I oil (GOST 23652–79) has not been produced for a long time and since 2000 it has been excluded from the operating instructions by the factory. Nevertheless, oils from some manufacturers under the brand name TAD-17I are on sale. Inspection of these products showed their unsuitability for the rear axle of the Volga.

The 2005 operating manual recommends the use of gear oils in the gearbox and rear axle gearbox: Super T-3 (TM-5), LUKoil TM-5, Devon Super T (TM5-18).

2. What should be the compression of the ZMZ-4201 engine and how to correctly measure it (conditions)?

The compression value of the new ZMZ-4021 engine should be 8.3 kgf / cm2. Check this parameter after warming up the engine to the operating temperatures of the coolant and oil: turning the spark plugs and completely opening the throttle valves, crank the crankshaft with a starter.

3. I heard that replacing the K-151 carburetor with Solex, manufactured for the Volga, can reduce fuel consumption. Is it worth it if my consumption on the highway is 12 l / 100 km?

This fuel consumption is really excessive, but we do not recommend starting the fight for savings by replacing the carburetor. It is more rational to first carry out engine diagnostics, carefully adjust the ignition and the existing carburetor.

4. Explain why, at the current high level of quality and reliability of timing timing belts, a chain is used on the Volga engine.

The operating conditions in Russia, taking into account extremely cold and hot zones, make the chain drive of the gas distribution mechanism more justified.

5. I want to upgrade the front suspension of the Volga under the ball joints. Is this possible in a garage environment? What improvements, details will be required?

Technically, this is real. But, depending on the model of your Volga, the use of a front suspension with ball joints and a stabilizer bar will entail the replacement of the rear axle (different track and other points of wheel attachment), as well as wheels with tires (they have a different dimension), steering trapezoid, parts and components of the brake system.

6. Do the shift levers of the 4- and 5-speed gearboxes of the Volga differ?

The shift lever consists of lower and upper parts. The upper part (“pipe”) is the same, but the lower parts of various designs are non-interchangeable.

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