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Old Horse In Non Stop Mode

Old Horse In Non Stop Mode
Old Horse In Non Stop Mode

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So, the cross-country track, a pleasant plus (say, two degrees) on the street, is a snowball. We will only immediately agree that this time we will consider the motorcycle not as a sports equipment for racing (which it is), but as a Sunday simulator for off-road pokatushek.

Introducing the "simulator": Kawasaki KX250. Yes, the motorcycle is not the first freshness, but a cursory glance is enough to understand that it is still quite. And do not be afraid of slightly ragged plastic - for cross-country this is the norm, and not an exception.

Kickstarter jerk - silence is broken by the rumble of the engine and exhaust fumes with a bang. Tightened suspension brackets do not give a chance to squeeze a Kayaba fork and Showa rear shock absorber with the proprietary Kawasachi Uni-Track system at least a millimeter.

We put on the equipment. Even for "unsportsmanlike" cross-country skiing it is necessary. From my own experience I will say that not a single ride has yet passed without falls (at least light ones) - specifics. The first traps on the track show that the suspension for a slippery track is too stiff. The wheels do not "work out" the frozen ground, and only the exit to the "rack" allows you to cope with the motorcycle.

A short break to adjust the stiffness of the suspensions: set to ultra spft (very soft).

A few laps on the highway allow you to get used to the car, feel it with your whole body. A sharp pick-up at a high speed, characteristic of a two-stroke engine, makes it more likely to work with a gearbox (in order to maintain high engine speeds) and hold on more firmly in the saddle, and carefully evaluate the distance to the next springboard. A jump - and the motorcycle lands on the ground, and barely touching it, "squirt" a trail of dirt and snow from under the rear wheel. Let the engine age and advanced, but it works quite smoothly, without jerking, does not "choke" during acceleration. Adjusted suspension "work out" the surface of the track.

Like any cross equipment, the KX250 has a modest set of additional equipment. On the steering wheel, in addition to the control knobs, there is only a lone engine jam button.

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