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Ice And Flaming


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Kato Kazuki - Flaming Ice 2023, January
Ice And Flaming
Ice And Flaming

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Our regular tester, 11-year-old Nastya, was delighted when the snowmobile, warming up, grunted peacefully, promising after a minute or two a grab on a snow-covered lawn. And I considered the simplest design with a motor from a lawn mower. Once again I was convinced: everything ingenious is simple!

The recommended age of young drivers is from 6 to 12 years. Learning to drive a light machine is not difficult, because the controls are simplified to the limit: steering wheel, throttle, muffler button and brake.

And the motor is considered warmed up - on the way! The girl turns the throttle, the engine says "ta-ta-ta" and begins to disperse the crew. Do not expect from me "accelerating" epithets - what is not, is not. Indeed, the power is barely enough to accelerate to the speed of a bicycle (20 km / h). I appreciate, albeit secondary, but not unimportant qualities. It is convenient to drag the snowmobile: the most convenient handle behind the saddle itself asks for a hand. There is also something to grasp at the front - the arms are attached to the skis - just like on "adult" snowmobiles. An adult with a teenage assistant doesn’t need to load a snowmobile into a minivan or onto a trailer.


Start-up is an important operation. How many times have I observed how a novice (not necessarily a child), successfully coping with driving a snowmobile, is not able to manually start the engine. Now our teenage tester was able to. And easy.

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