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How To Fill The Void

Video: How To Fill The Void
Video: Filling the Void: Peter Tunney at TEDxWallStreet 2023, February
How To Fill The Void
How To Fill The Void

Do we need a car industry? Agree, the question itself sounds blasphemous, and not only for “Zarulevtsy” - for everyone who feels that he is a citizen of our great country. Yes, we definitely need it: we are not a banana republic and are rich not only in natural resources! But the time of our former automobile industry - a huge subsistence economy of the USSR era - has expired. You can have a different attitude to this fact, but denying it is pointless. And I agree with Sergey - an emptiness is about to form. And her nature does not tolerate.

Together with “those” cars, the production of components of the past millennium model irrevocably leaves us. And this is good: it is impossible to create new models on their basis, and attempts to mix “French with Nizhny Novgorod” are also doomed to failure. The latest example is the Patriot bought by the editorial office, which broke on the very first day! The excellent imported gearbox and proprietary clutch coexist in it with problematic brakes, crappy assembly and wheel nuts with a broken thread. This product is deprived of the future, in this form they will not be bought! A snowball with the wreckage of everything old rushes in full swing downhill - it cannot be stopped. But it is possible and necessary to start all over again.

On a modern car there should not be a single rattling part, not a single current gasket - this is clear to everyone. Our car industry needs components only from the best world manufacturers - subsistence farming is rejected by modern civilization. But large suppliers think big - they are interested in large volumes of production and stable rules of the game. Here it is just right to return to the five billion mentioned - where can those who they have in their hands spend them? First of all, of course, we are talking about the VAZ - its future.

In my opinion, the biggest mistake would be to rely solely on patching VAZ holes! The result of this will be, at best, the next Priora, which is essentially outdated and doomed in advance, regardless of the size of the advertising campaign. The prospect is only in a decisive update of the lineup through the development of modern licensed structures with the maximum use of existing capacities. It will be necessary to immediately adopt legislative acts guaranteeing real and equal conditions for all market participants, regardless of the form of ownership and the address of their headquarters. Keep in mind that we should talk about the mass production of modern components, not only for future licensed (!) AvtoVAZ products, but also for Renault, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford. These well-known brands have already come to the Russian auto industry and together with AvtoVAZ they are able to prepare a launching pad to create an industry for the production of new generation components here. Let's start at least with the mentioned wheel nuts, which will not be loosened! And the buyer will cost a mass car a penny, because their print runs will be in the millions.

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