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It took two years for the government to be able to summarize the first results of the OSAGO law and make the first changes. Since the new year, tariffs have changed. All amendments can be found in the decree No. 739 “On approval of insurance tariffs on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners, their structure and the procedure for use by insurers in determining the insurance premium”. We will focus on the most essential. The basic OSAGO rate has remained the same, but two coefficients have changed - territorial (CT) and power (KM). The latter applies to cars with engines from 95 to 100 hp. (It was 1.3, it became - 1), as well as more than 150 hp. (was differentiated, from 1.5 to 1.9, became 1.7). The territorial coefficient will be equal to 0.5 for all settlements with the number of inhabitants up to 50 thousand; Earlier, villagers (up to 10 thousand) paid for the compulsory motor liability insurance policy at a coefficient of 0.4, and for settlements with a population of 10-50 thousand - at 0.6. By the way, on the whole territory of the Moscow Region, CT 1.7 will be in place instead of 1.8 (for the near Moscow region) and 1.6 (for the far).

You can even calculate who won from the introduction of new odds and who lost. Owners of passenger cars with engine power from 150 to 160 hp in 2006 they will pay 13% more for the policy than before. Will have to fork out additionally to residents of remote areas of the Moscow region (+ 6%). But lucky owners of powerful (over 200 hp) cars from the near Moscow region. For them, CTP has fallen in price by almost a third! But in one form or another, changes in OSAGO ratios will affect everyone, although … in fact, they will hardly change anything. It's about a difference of only tens of rubles!

Two months ago they promised us something completely different. When registering minor accidents, lawmakers planned to refuse the services of the traffic police, simplify the procedure for issuing a policy and extend the effect of compulsory motor liability insurance in the territory of guarded parking lots, gas stations, etc. (we wrote about this in ЗР, 2005, No. 11). And what? Instead, obscure changes in coefficients. Moreover, even experts find it difficult to explain why, say, changes in CT in the Moscow region are dictated.

How long will the old bets and old-new odds last? There is no answer to this question yet - the law does not spell out how often to do it. Meanwhile, according to the insurers themselves, they will still have to be reviewed, and in the very near future. During the law on compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, the base rate remained unchanged, despite inflation. As a result, today, according to the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RSA), 23 out of 165 Russian insurance companies involved in “auto-citizen” reached the level of acceptable loss-making, and in 2006 the number of “loss-making” can increase to 100. Only those who survive there can survive. who came to the CTP system to work "seriously and for a long time".


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