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Lada: A Complex Of Usefulness

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Lada: A Complex Of Usefulness
Lada: A Complex Of Usefulness

In answer to the questions: “Would you be satisfied with your car?” And “Would you buy the next car of the same brand?” The Germans put Lada in honorable 6th - 7th places immediately after the Japanese women. It turns out that this is only WE scolding her? This is only WE dream to change the VAZ to a foreign car?

To understand, the author went on a virtual business trip to countries and continents, where he “inherited” the products of the domestic auto industry.


This is the title of an article in the Freier Presse (Free Press) newspaper that describes the merits of the Lada 112 hatchback. There is no mistake, it is about the merits, to which the correspondent attributed good handling, dynamics, an acceptable noise level and economy (7.7 l / 100 km) of the car. And the suspension, without complaints and groans, swallows any potholes (and they, it turns out, is also not always smooth everywhere), was awarded a separate paragraph. Of course, the antique design, the big gaps were not hidden from the eyes of the journalist, but how much the car was priced at the price of the western city “kid” (9890 euros)!

And by the way, how many different kinds of “frets” are there in Germany? Ten years ago 331, 751 of them ran around the autobahns, but last year there were only … 30, 746. This is about 50 million cars. Yeah, a car for individualists. Which, however, unite in clubs of “ladovodov”, and, believe me, they have something to share with each other.


People who have experienced true pleasure not only from driving a car, but also from fussing with her, beloved, have not yet transferred to our computer age. And how do you tinker with a computer on wheels, where instead of wires there are fiber optic cables, along which bits and megabytes run instead of amperes. Another thing is a classic car, best with a carburetor! There is something to add, what to fix, what to rinse and what to brag to friends and surprise strangers. Moreover, it is enough to have only initial locksmithing skills - the grateful “frets” do not need anything else. Here, for example, happy - without any quotes! - German engineer, owner of Samara. His faithful “Russian horse” for 120, 000 km run “has never seen a car service from the inside”. He removed a rag forgotten by someone on the Togliatti conveyor from the gas tank on his own, as he determined the place where the “dog was buried”. Yes, I changed the window handle on the third thousand.

Long-distance trucker Martin from Potsdam drives home on the Form (VAZ 2109 in our opinion). Over 200, 000 km, he did not have to change either shock absorbers, clutch, or generator. Martin simply explains the reason for such reliability: “Where other companies put plastic or aluminum, Lada has eternal steel.”

And, you know, I understood why these guys are completely satisfied with their “frets”. They receive from them exactly as much as they expect.



Maybe not everyone knows, but VAZ sold its cars to real gentlemen. The wheel in them stood, as it should be in England, on the right, and some of these machines returned to live our lives on our roads. Therefore, it is not so surprising that the magazine Top Gear, a well-known shocking television program, became interested in one of the five that have survived since 1996. At the request of the publisher (and its 140, 000 euros), the Lotus company worked on the car, turning the "classics" into a racing car. The two-liter FIAT engine, boosted to 180 hp, accelerated the "five" to the first (you heard right) hundreds in 7 s, and the "maximum speed" was 218 km / h. Of course, the undercarriage, like the brakes, was pretty modernized, but … do you understand what you can strive for? (By the way, with your own hands, the same thing can be done much cheaper.) The last in this story a good laugh, probably, was the winner of the online auction, who eventually bought a unique supercar with a mileage of 61, 000 km for … 11, 000 euros.



The volumes of official export of AvtoVAZ, unlike geography, are not impressive today. However, our cars are sold in … 78 countries of the world, and in Egypt, Ecuador and Uruguay, local assembly of car kits has been established. Especially popular is, by the way, Niva with a rook on the emblem. They only call it where "Taiga" and where "Diva", which is quite symbolic. The real habitat of our cars is much wider than the official one. Feel free to add New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Canada, the USA, Japan, Israel to the already mentioned states … And what is typical - almost everywhere the “freaks” individualists join in clubs, cherish and cherish their “Russian horses” and do not speak to them a bad word. Probably, everything is really relative and depends on the point of view …

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