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This is the everyday work of testers striving to demonstrate the benefits of new tires. And the truth is - circle after circle, one gradually catches up with another.

On the next site, a truck tractor with a semi-trailer, in our opinion a truck, suddenly also begins to dance with its drive axle. Only his "body movements" are not so spectacular. The trailer moves steadily along the arc, and the tractor rotates in all directions. Fifteen minutes to change tires, and the speed of the start of “tricks” will increase by 5-6 km / h. Impressive!


We are in Lada at the Michelin training ground, where a demonstration is taking place … no, not even new tires, rather technological discoveries. It seems that more revolutionary can be thought up for truck tires? However, the appearance of Michelin Durable Technologies, that is, longevity technologies, the creators themselves equate to a breakthrough. After all, the tire grip, road life and load capacity are improved from 20 to 50% in comparison with the traditional design!


Perhaps these two words best describe the essence of what happened.

We have already written about the patented "tricks" in the tread pattern (ЗР, 2005, No. 8). Renewed as it wears, it provides optimum traction. Two types of lamellas, “Double Wave” and “Drop of Water”, can significantly change the quality of the tires for the drive axle. In the first case, the three-dimensional self-locking structure significantly reduces the compliance of the tread, allowing you to increase the depth of its pattern and extend the service life.

Well, the “Drop” forms new working edges as the tire wears out. This seems impossible, but thanks to an upgrade, a 2/3 worn tread provides a 30 percent improvement in grip in rainy weather.


The tire carcass is directly responsible for the load capacity of the tire. In our case, its strength is markedly increased thanks to the Infinikoil technology. The bottom line is in an additional layer of solid steel wire, about 400 meters of which are wound around the circumference of the wheel. This design provides optimum strength around the perimeter and unique wear resistance.

The current trend in the development of truck tires is an increase in their width with a decrease in diameter. This makes it possible to significantly (up to 20 cm) lower the platform, having received an additional useful volume. Application "Infinikoil" just suggests for customers "Michelin" the transition to tires with promising dimensions.


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