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FTP: We Will Be Familiar

Video: FTP: We Will Be Familiar
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FTP: We Will Be Familiar
FTP: We Will Be Familiar

Shortly before the New Year, the government approved with some amendments the Federal Target Program for Road Safety. What is its essence, motorists, one might say, are not yet aware. “Responsible” for her from the Ministry of Internal Affairs - First Deputy Minister Alexander Chekalin voiced only a few provisions, apparently already on the agenda. This is a return to the point system and changes in taking exams for rights. They will not be accepted by the traffic police inspector, but by a commission of representatives from various departments. And yet - the rights can be obtained from 16 years. That, in fact, was all that was known about the program, for the implementation of which the state intends to allocate a huge amount - over $ 1.8 billion!



A copy of the program fell into the possession of the editorial office even before its official publication - it was already decorated with the signature of the Prime Minister, but the document did not have a number, nor was there a detailed breakdown of the allocated amounts for specific purposes. Although it is already known that the state allocates 52.7 billion rubles for road safety, of which 21.6 billion rubles. - from the federal budget, 30.6 billion rubles. - from regional budgets and about 532 million rubles. - extrabudgetary funds. True, so far only the situation with “federal” money is more or less clear - they are included in the budget. The rest, apparently, will "arrive" later, and they will need to be "registered" and approved on the ground.

One cannot but be surprised at the pace with which the program went through all instances and coordination. For a month and a half, it was approved by the State Council and the president, twice discussed at government meetings, and now there is a line in the country's budget. Fantasy! Apparently, the understanding that the country can no longer afford to lose 30–35 thousand of its citizens and 2–3% of GDP each year in an accident has culminated and prompted us to find money for traffic safety.

Be that as it may, it pleases us that we finally have the Federal Target Program (FTP) “Improving Road Safety in 2006–2012”, the goal of which is to reduce the death toll in traffic accidents in seven years by 1, 5 times. Could there be a more noble goal than saving life!

The latter is given a lot of attention in the 40-page program. Tables with data on how many lives can be saved depending on investments in the federal target program are given. Based on the calculations of the Federal State Statistics Service, according to which the conditional contribution of the able-bodied population to the gross domestic product in 2004 amounted to about 230 thousand rubles per person. Based on this, and consider the loss - in people and money. Of course, it is incorrect to translate death under the wheels of each of our citizens into rubles, but it is impossible otherwise; so do all over the world. True, the life of a European is rated much higher …

The developers of the program meticulously calculated that if, for example, 21.6 billion rubles were invested in security alone from the federal budget, then in seven years it would die 11.5 thousand less on roads than now, and if 15.4 billion. - that is only 1.8 thousand. Government members unanimously leaned towards the first option, after which they allocated the required amount.

The project does not explain in detail what exactly this money will be spent on. So far, they are simply divided into four unequal parts: raising legal awareness (47%), organizational planning and engineering measures (35%), developing a system for providing assistance to victims (11%), and improving the database management system (7%). Further in the program, only a description of the different areas of work with paragraphs, paragraphs and subparagraphs is given. How much will be allocated for the execution of each, apparently, will be determined a little later - at the beginning of the year, and also will appoint specific performers and responsible.

According to the head of the State Traffic Safety Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Viktor Kiryanov, 2006 was given to create a legislative, regulatory and methodological base for further work. In the meantime, according to the program, they will be engaged in “conducting propaganda campaigns aimed at creating stereotypes of law-abiding behavior among road users”, “developing a system for preparing candidates for obtaining the right to drive a vehicle and allowing them to participate in road traffic,” “researching the problem the formation of an information database on vehicle drivers”, as well as“the implementation of pilot projects for replacing posts of the road patrol service with technical automatic E control systems. " The list also contains a good two dozen items that are mainly of a propaganda or research nature, but this is very necessary and important.

“In any case, this is actually the first attempt to comprehensively analyze the most serious problem,” said State Duma deputy V. Pokhmelkin, with whom we studied the document. - And, naturally, it’s very good that the state has found money for the program!


We have not yet begun to discuss the contents of the document with the deputy - this is just a general program, designed for seven years. Apparently, when a work plan for the year appears, tied to the allocated finances, it can be studied in detail. But at least three remarks arose from us at once, and in principle.

Firstly, a 40-page document says a lot about how we all will fight for security together, but nothing is said about the need for any structural reforms in the system! We have been dealing with this problem for a long time and unsuccessfully with several departments (the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the traffic police, the Ministry of Transport, etc.), but at the same time there is no single civilian coordinating body in the country. At a meeting of the State Council they said that such a need to be created … and that’s it. The program does not say a word about it, and the responsibilities of the program coordinator are assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But in general, this respected ministry has different responsibilities, and based on our historical experience, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will first of all fight for security by tightening punitive sanctions. In addition, outside the area of ​​responsibility of this ministry lies a number of critical functions, such as the construction and maintenance of roads. So, we are not talking about any “comprehensive” approach to solving the problem (and there are a lot of lines in the program).

Secondly, it is not very clear what purpose the authors of the program set themselves. Yes, it is necessary to reduce the number of dead and injured on the roads. This is the main thing, and the program provides a detailed analysis of the situation with accidents today and a forecast on this issue for tomorrow. But what will be the movement on our roads in five, ten years - not a word about it. How will the fleet grow and change, what will happen to the domestic auto industry, what roads will we drive? It seems to us that without answers to these questions, without a detailed analysis, it is impossible to imagine a program for road safety at all!

And thirdly, what seems to us the most alarming.

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