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You Will Not Be Caught Up


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You Will Not Be Caught Up
You Will Not Be Caught Up

This refers to those that did not allow luxury limousines to overcome the bar at 250 km / h. So there was a high-speed or, if you want, sports version of "Maybach 57 S". Of course, the matter was not limited to just flashing the controller. The novelty received boosted by 62 hp. engine. (By the way, this turned out to be not so simple - an additional liquid charge-air cooler was required.)


And yet, it could not do without restrictions. Only now is all attention to torque. It should not (although it could!) Exceed 1000 N.m so as not to spread the transmission into compound gears. However, and so acceleration to the first hundred takes some five seconds. But with maximum speed, it has not really worked out so far. A twelve-cylinder monster under the hood could well throw the speedometer needle beyond the three-hundred-kilometer mark, but only the tire manufacturer “went on strike”: as a result, they converged on the “middle way” - from the usual 250 km / h to 300 km / h.

In the suspension, the stabilizers became two (front) and four (rear) millimeters thicker, which reduced body roll by 15%. In addition, the car “crouched” 15 mm closer to the road, and this also increased its stability. Well, if we assume the incredible and worst, that is, an accident, then the passengers will be literally laden with ten (!) Airbags. It costs "His Highness Majesty" 419, 920 euros, but this does not include our duties.

Maybach 57 S

Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and displacement - 12x48x5980 cmz; power - 450 kW / 612 hp at 4800 rpm; maximum torque - 1000 N.m at 2000–4000 rpm.

Transmission - rear-wheel drive; gearbox - automatic 5-speed.

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