DMITRY (to the Doctor) DEDICATES


Once we watched the company for a rat crossing the road, and began to think: it would be nice to build a motorcycle prototype of some animal. Not ugly, with gills, tail, genitals, but with ambitions and the potential of a tyrannosaurus. We reached the zoo, wandered around and in the terrarium stumbled upon a green “hamster” with gills and a pineal head. Have a closer look - a role model.

Very handy turned up Yamaha V-Max. They examined it through the eyes of people wise in the experience of building heavy-wheeled creatives based on V-shaped “twos”, rubbed their ideas and work began … After nine months, as it should be, they rolled into the light something only remotely reminiscent of its original appearance.

To make V-Max a V-monster, we squandered the engine cylinders so that its working volume increased to 1, 500 cm3 - this is the easiest and most effective way to increase the power of such motors: with a “vessel” of one and a half liters of capacity, it gave out about 174 liters. with. So that the clutch could cope with the increased torque, it was strengthened.

The motorcycle was conceived not only for “breakthroughs” from traffic lights to traffic lights - it should be striking. Therefore, a wide - 9.5 / 18 '' disk, polished to a mirror shine, flaunted. We did this: instead of the standard ones that covered it on both sides of the shock absorbers, we installed an adjustable air suspension with a lower horizontal position of the elastic element, and the cardan gear was replaced with a chain drive. By the way, this is one of the most expensive and ingenious alterations - had to re-design and manufacture half of the details of the KP. The result was delighted: the wheel seems transparent. It was successfully supplemented by a wave-shaped brake disc. And all together powerfully blended into the newly manufactured pendulum. It is easy to imagine how the seller of motor spare parts smiles condescendingly, having received an order for a set of the 630th chain with stars for this model: such a chain is not like a motorcycle - a caterpillar tractor will move.


Alterations affected other nodes. We changed the shape of the gas tank, installed a suspension swap compressor, an additional chain tension roller. Well, the little things: they installed reinforced hoses, a digital instrument panel instead of the standard one (it shows everything you could wish for, except for the direction of iceberg drift).

The shape of the exhaust pipes was inspired by the space shuttles from Star Wars, they do not spoil the sound, and they do not interfere with the ride. And yet, the Banana is sometimes just a banana. The nozzles were specially made with right angles to emphasize the heaviness of the structure.