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The device is very similar to a children's scooter with an engine that has grown to such a size that adult uncles cut it off-road, and it’s better not to find off-road as a “habitat” for this creation.

When picking up the fifty-fifty engines, they installed the D8M, then the one on the Jawa-50. But it turned out that the off-road scooter of their "horses" is not enough. Tightened the brain - chose the 125 cc BriggsandStratton. Drive - to the front wheel.

The dynamics of this 45-kilogram 5-horsepower car - just hold on, and it accelerates to 80 km / h!

They bought a standard 8-inch drive and a big big tire from the ATV "light" series. The patency and smoothness of the ride depend on the wheels, especially since there are no pendants ("super sugar"!). The rear wheel is small, 5-inch, but quite wide, so as not to fall on unsteady ground.

The engine is mounted on the front fork. In the fork itself, the traverses and feathers are a welded “box” construction of 3 mm thick sheet steel. Feathers are thin-walled steel pipes: the right one is 29 mm in diameter, the left one is 60 mm, because it is also a silencer. The steering wheel is attached to the engine with cylinder head bolts. The motor as an element of the frame for "large" motorcycles - the solution is already standard. But we have a one-of-a-kind scooter, everything is original in it.


The rear of the device is connected to the front fork with a short axis with a diameter of 25 mm. Two standard tapered bearings are mounted on the axle. The frame is folding so that the scooter does not clutter up the room and it is convenient to store it (like boots - in the nightstand). There is a shield over the rear wheel: it “works” both as a wing and as a leg support.

Imagine only one brake, front brake. We understand that it sounds creepy, but the rear brake on the device of this kind is ineffective. But the front is good! It is a tape, it acts through the elements of the transmission, so getting into the "stop" on a scooter is almost impossible. (At this point, lovers of stant-show-off sighed distressedly.)

The transmission consists of a centrifugal clutch mounted directly on the neck of the crankshaft, a drive sprocket and a huge driven sprocket mounted to simplify and lighten the structure, right on the wheel rim. (The same transmission on the sports card does not look so terrifying because of the small diameter of the wheels.)