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Volobuev, Here Is Your Sword

Video: Volobuev, Here Is Your Sword
Video: Sword Art Online Alicization: Find your Sword in this Land OST Extended 2023, February
Volobuev, Here Is Your Sword
Volobuev, Here Is Your Sword

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Year of issue

| Mileage

| Engine

| Power

| Top speed

| Estimated Price $ 2, 300


Katana "- this is how one of the Japanese characters is read, denotes a samurai sword. Let's see how the name corresponds to the road of the same name.

His appearance is not trendy. It is understandable - "not a boy." But take a closer look: don't you think that the peculiar design of the front end is pretty much in line with the fact that the BMW GS series motorcycles? (Question: who “licked someone”? Or ideas are in the air?) But Katana cannot be blamed for the dilapidated old-fashionedness. I can’t help but supplement (so that you, too, would not be considered a mug in a party): the Katana model line in Japan has long been erected in a cult, and its “family traits” (vertically positioned headlight glass and beak-like nose) are embarrassing to distinguish here.

Here's what I will say right away: of all the heroes of our "series" about the "budget" "four hundred" this motorcycle is the largest. There is a stretched base, and an 18-inch front wheel, and a rather high saddle. The steering wheel and footrests are arranged so that the rider does not have to take the pose of an egg-hare in the process of escaping from a drunken hunter. I literally hear the words of some Volobuev’s fear: will the headwind not cause a panic in my head? So for that there is a windshield, but it is enough so that the remnants of prudence are not blown out of the contents of the helmet.


He examined the motor - and immediately caught it resembling a power unit, which is installed on both Bandit and RF400. So even before I pulled out the choke lever and left the engine to warm up, the “psychological portrait” of the subject began to gradually emerge. A lot of the characterization was influenced by the airbrush on the gas tank caused by the previous owner: the horses look very much “in the subject”. Seeing them, I want to go to the endless steppe somewhere near Simferopol or Armyansk. Why not to Oklahoma? I don’t know how it is in Oklahoma, and in these steppes the lateral wind blows with such force that you have to go in a straight line “on your knee”.

The engine warmed up, and we, with the horses on the tank, set off for the city crowd. The horse is not a herring, but not an elephant: it runs fast in the stream, does not kick and turn, just pull on the reins. Not a “clean” sport bike, of course, but not a choppy lump.

I’m eating myself at a quiet pace, I’m not straining myself … But now the stream has become thinner - and I want to set fire to An, no - the strength of the deformed (in favor of elasticity) motor is barely enough to follow at a normal pace, but not “tumble”. A small engine cubic capacity is not enough to bring a heavily loaded motorcycle with a heavy chassis into a state of foal playfulness. But, again, everything has its place: it’s unlikely that any Volobuev who buys the same “horse sword” will constantly maniac on traffic jams, like a pizza delivery man from the movie “Taxi”.

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