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Far And Comfortable

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Far And Comfortable
Far And Comfortable

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The fact that technology manufacturers are ready to tear each other to shreds in the struggle for the buyer is a fact. It remains for us to sit and watch this spectacle, amusing ourselves with pride.

A tourist snowmobile must be comfortable, powerful and economical. Meeting all these requirements is the main task of the new model. And she solves it very, very simply - by grouping together masterpieces of engineering, aimed at improving consumer properties. Polaris followed the global trend of displacing 2-stroke engines with 4-stroke ones, but thereby did not just take a step forward, but took a long jump. It's about the latest engine. This is not just an economical 4-stroke unit (who will surprise you now?), Its highlight is turbocharging. Yes, the system, which has long established itself in motorsport, and nowadays is increasingly being used on "civilian" engines, has settled under the hood of this snowmobile. Agree, "unscrewing" 135 horses from a 2-cylinder engine about 750 cubes is a very difficult task. But if you “push” more air into the cylinders (than the turbocharger does), then this power indicator is easily achieved. It should be noted that the turbine does not turn on immediately, making the engine characteristic smooth, without sharp pickups and “turbojam” failures in traction when the turbine does not have time to spin. In snowmobile practice, this solution was applied for the first time, but to dispute the high development potential is an idea devoid of meaning.

In the transmission also serves as a pleaser of comfort - a reverse switch. Now this is not a condo lever, but an elegant button.

To match the suspension: the front IQ system has a feature that distinguishes it from others: during the course of the ski, the angle of inclination of its rotary axis does not change, which means that the steering kinematics is constant, regardless of the vertical position of the skis. A third shock absorber was added to the rear (FAST M-10), which gives the caterpillar suspension the ability to better “work out” the bumps.

Rider Select system - selection of one of five steering wheel positions with the click of a button. If you happen to “punch” the track, press the button and move the steering wheel forward. When driving relaxed, the steering wheel can be moved down. The designers also took care of the passenger: not only his seat, but also the armrests are heated.

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