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To The Club 18000

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To The Club 18000
To The Club 18000

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Click, click … Two gears "down" before the last turn at the end of the next lap. The slipping clutch immediately worked - it did not allow the rear wheel to skid. The engine spins all the way. A lingering howl came from under the right foot from the "stocky" titanium exhaust pipe. I opened the gas and at full speed burst into the long straight track of MotoGP Losail in Qatar. Here the Rub al-Khali desert forms a “finger” pointing through the Persian Gulf to Iran, then to Iraq, which was blown up by the war … This area is used to observing how history is going on …

I bend down, hiding my head behind a tiny windshield. The tachometer needle jerked to the mark of “18, 000 rpm” - and so every time I rush past the empty stands of the track in top gear. Oh, some kind of annoyance - some 200 revolutions are missing before the treasured, I would say, the magic number of the engine’s “promotion” - the limiter is triggered. To the right of the dashboard, the light starts blinking, the motor vibrates, as if angry: “Good for you man, it's time to change gears”. In fact, the tachometer “played up” to the motor: it could not reach “17, 800” revolutions. The Mitsubishi electronic control unit (and it has the right to be proud that it has more configuration maps than geographic maps in Europe’s most extensive atlas) is programmed to limit revolutions at around 17, 500 rpm. This is so that those who dream of joining the "club of 18, 000 revolutions" (in the style of Formula 1) do not develop megalomania.

But don’t salivate, guys, this is just a street version of the bike. But the one that was created for racing is able to turn ideas about the potential of the Supersport 600 class. Supersport World Championship track cars and the American Formula Extreme are capable of giving out 18, 500! Let's wait, that this season will be surpassed (and it would be time) the "ceiling" in terms of speed in the Grand Prix competitions, established back in the 60s. This will happen thanks to a technical masterpiece called the Yamaha YZF-R6 2006 model year. And the “trick” is that it incorporates the advantages of M1 from MotoGP, but is intended for mass production.


A new model with a two-year warranty for any mileage will soon be available for 11, 200 euros. For the indicated price you get a bouquet of advantages. But first of all, an incredibly sophisticated engine: 127 hp at 14, 500 rpm in a static state, and in dynamics the designers promise 133 hp (after all, inertial boost is connected to the “muscle group” on the go). It contains electronic throttle valves with remote control, titanium valves, an electronic fuel injection system with two nozzles per cylinder, as well as slipping clutch, an EXUP power valve at the outlet, borrowed from the MotoGP “direct” chassis and pendulum, as well as a suspension with adjustable high- and low-speed damping of the rear shock absorber racing type Like a kit? For the buyer, such a motorcycle is the most ambitious acquisition of the millennium (God forbid you live a thousand years).

The last time I rode a motorcycle that could spin the engine just as quickly was in the mid-sixties: the crankshaft of the 6-cylinder Honda Mike Halewood was spinning at 17, 000 rpm. It was a "diamond" in the category of the "250th" class GP. He is so “highly” tuned that the engine stalled at 10, 000 rpm: he does not have enough revolutions! To force the device to move on, I had to “play” the clutch properly. And I put ear plugs in my ears so that the eardrums do not burst from the roar of six cylinders. A replica of that Honda can now be obtained by falling off about half a million "green". The original is priceless - literally.

And after forty years, Yamaha introduced the same supertechnology in the current context of MotoGP - so that each of us could drive in an incredible car on track days on track. A great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company (by the way, do not forget to congratulate the birthday)! The designers laid out all the trump cards on the table, which, it seems, lifted up competitors from Honda: they say, stretch? But not a single provocative word out loud, just a subtle hint of an invitation to play at high stakes - in Supersport races. The celebration of the "fifty dollars" Yamaha may stretch over the next few years, because the R6 is quite capable of interrupting the 4-year leadership of Honda in the World Cup …

But even not yet sitting on the device - just looking at the technical specifications of the Erka, I wondered a lot: he had remarkable makings of a racing bike! On the other hand, this motorcycle is already sold in motor shows (with a registration number from the police). You will be surprised: a racing bike with headlights? Exactly!

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