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Game By The Rules
Game By The Rules

How many people, so many opinions. But anyone who has ever heard how a professionally designed car sounds, is unlikely to ride with a head unit. This is a kind of disease. But in order to achieve good sound, not only high-quality components, but also a competent installation will be required.

And what are these terms - “qualitatively”, “competently”? To feel their content - not financial, but technical, let's listen to the professionals. We start with the sound source - the head unit.


In most modern cars, full-time radios or CD-receivers are already installed. But the sound of such devices, as a rule, does not shine. And yet there is hardly a buyer who will refuse a car he likes because of some musical flaws. The desire to improve the sound of a regular “head” comes, as a rule, somewhat later. And there are essentially two options for a solution.

The first involves the refinement of the standard device. More precisely - not fine-tuning, but the attraction of “external reserves”, for example, an external amplifier, of better quality and more powerful. It is connected through the linear outputs of the “head” - if there are none, they are added. Option number two is obvious - replacing the full-time head unit with something more serious. Given the desire of manufacturers to integrate head units into the instrument panel, such a replacement in practice is a very complicated matter.


If there was no full-time head unit in the car, this is not a reason to say that there is no wiring for connecting it here. Then it seems to be the case for small: we buy the head unit and connect to the connector … Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. I am sure: everyone at least once noticed that even at medium volume, in sync with the music, its backlight starts to wink. Light music has nothing to do with it: there is a drop in voltage at which the distortion of the sound is very large. The blame for the power wires, or rather, their insufficient cross-section. For a regular low-power system, it is quite enough, but for a more serious one - no. A similar situation often arises with unsuccessful independent connection - it is difficult to avoid the temptation to use, say, the cigarette lighter circuit …

The right and correct way is to connect directly to the battery using a wire with a cross section of at least 2.5 mm2. Moreover - it is better if it is not only a plus, but also a minus wire. It is important to understand that independent illiterate wiring can be the cause of many troubles, even fire. All wires are laid in the corrugation and, if possible, along standard wiring. Particular attention is given to the installation of a fuse. The farther it is from the battery, the larger the unprotected circuit that can cause trouble.

It is easy to guess that the complexity of such an installation is very high, but good sounding requires sacrifice. Notice - this is just the beginning …


Only a few cars are designed so that they have normal regular places for acoustics. An ashtray or cup holder is sacred, but the acoustics, they say, are already audible … Because there are again two options - either bring regular places to mind, or, with a more creative approach, create new ones! The latter option is inevitable in some cases, and sometimes it allows you to at the same time make an exclusive trim.


There are not so many places for installing speakers in the car. In most cases, when talking about frontal acoustics, they mean doors. The main requirements for the installation of any speaker is to isolate the radiating surface of the diffuser from the back, as well as its rigid fixation. If we are talking about serious acoustics, be prepared to comply with all the rules: you can’t do without sound and vibration insulation materials here. Only the speaker should play, not metal or casing. In ordinary cases, all this is often neglected - and for a long time, and expensive …

For front speakers, a system of two or more components is always preferable to a coaxial one. Firstly, you just don’t hear a high-frequency signal from under your feet, and secondly, involuntary displacement of the listener relative to the center is also a problem. Our steering wheel is not in the middle! Another thing is if you install the tweeters separately - for example, on a dashboard or racks. Then they can be sent to the glass so as to artificially increase the distance to the listener (work on reflection). In this case, the difference in the passage of waves from the left and right emitter becomes minimal - in addition, the entire sound stage is lifted.


An external amplifier is an integral part of a serious sound system. The power is greater, and the sound quality is better than that of a lonely "head" if … If all this is not "spoiled" by the installation …

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