The situation may change with the release of fundamentally new models of Infinity - which has been happening recently.


New "Infinity" - the sedan of the "M" series will debut in five versions at once. First of all, the buyer has to choose an engine: V-shaped 6- and 8-cylinder engines develop 283 and 339 hp. respectively. Next, you need to determine the type of drive - the car is offered in both rear- and all-wheel drive versions. Moreover, in the 4x2 version, upon request, they are equipped with an Active Steer thruster rear suspension.

At the command of a computer, depending on the speed and angle of rotation, the electric motor changes the suspension geometry, shifting the lower levers. Considering that the engine is located behind the front axle, the behavior of such an Emka on the road is sporting accurate. The all-wheel drive version is equipped with the latest ATTESA E-TS traction control system.

Another high-tech device monitors the position of the car on the road. If the driver gape and “Infinity” leaves his row, a sound signal will warn of danger.