Debuted under the Daewoo brand name in 1997.

In 2000, the car was restyled. Under the brand name "Doninvest Assol" was not produced for long in Russia. In 2005, Chevrolet Lanos produced by the Ukrainian ZAZ plant entered the Russian market. The body is only a sedan. Engine: 1.5 liter petrol (86 hp). Transmission: 5-speed manual. Price in Russia: $ 8990 ($ 9140 - with metallic paint).

Only for metallic will have to pay $ 150. I also know the following questions by heart: “And what is in it? And how is the car at all? ”I’ll try to answer.



The fact that a model with a long biography is immediately understandable, and not only in appearance. The front landing is not very tight, but tight. You have to get used to a low-fastened and unregulated seat belt. And between the high seat cushion and the steering wheel, which was apparently lowered for the sake of slender people, the average driver feels constrained. Neither the chair nor the steering wheel are also adjustable, it remains only … to sit out the pillow.

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In three devices and several switches you will not get lost. Remembering compatriots' dislike for seat belts, light and sound signals, designed to remind about safety and the Rules, credited the car to the asset. To get into the back seat, you need to be flexible and not be afraid to get your pants dirty, because the opening is greatly narrowed by the wheel arch. The three of us are very crowded here. But the trunk is large, and the seatback is folded in parts (40:60). But here one more sign of a budget configuration came out: the pillow does not recline, so you won’t get a flat loading area.

To the credit of the Ukrainian “Lanos”, the door and trunk locks work clearly, all the knobs and buttons do what they are supposed to do, without jamming, the gear changes quite easily. No worse than on successful copies of our "Lada-110". Cheap, simple, but still a foreign car.


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At idle, a shiver is transmitted to the steering wheel from the engine - not strong, but draws attention to itself. The box lever on the move responds with noticeable jerks to a sharp press of the gas pedal and the energetic overcoming of the speed bumps. But the cabin is quiet, if you do not take into account the song of the engine, loud only with intensive acceleration. It does not creak, rattle, or squeak. The engine is lively, it accelerates the sedan confidently and does not force frequent gear changes.

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Decent brakes were reminiscent of Korean models - peers of Lanos. The pedal’s free play is too big, and when the leg finally gets to the working stroke, at first you feel a certain friability. Not very cool, but quite bearable compared to the steering! The machine, as they say, is looking for the way - even on small irregularities strives to change the trajectory. To the small steering angles, he reacts, to put it mildly, reluctantly - approximately like the editorial Kalina. But Chevrolet has no amplifier! Maybe this is a feature of only a specific "Lanos"? Over time, be sure to check while testing the car at the test site.

The suspension of an empty car for city driving is quite comfortable and stably react even to serious irregularities.



"Lanos" is not burdened by signs of modernity: there is no ABS, a central lock and even engine protection (at least from splashes). The last two options will probably be offered by dealers: I think the percentage of people who want to acquire them will be close to one hundred. This means that you will have to add a certain amount to the low price right away. But there’s still a radio tape recorder, an alarm system … Of the "luxury" on a Chevrolet, there is only a driver’s airbag - there are no other trim levels, at least for now.


Ukrainian car left a double impression. There are many drawbacks. But many are especially noticeable because over the years that have passed since the debut of Lanos, the standards and, accordingly, our ideas about an inexpensive car have changed. After all, “Daewoo Lanos” appeared nine years ago, and after restyling almost six passed. A little less - from an attempt to win the hearts of Russian buyers with a double of Lanos - the Doninvest Assol model. Complicated fate …

Nevertheless, it seems possible to live with this Chevrolet. There is a four-door, albeit cramped, body, a spacious trunk, not a stunted engine, acceptable brakes, a normal stove. At the same time, in the sector of cars close to Lanos by price and characteristics, there is plenty to choose from. Volga, Uzbek, Moscow performers present their songs to the court of buyers. How will Ukrainian folk sound in such an environment?


+ Good dynamics, decent build quality, spacious trunk, low price.

- Cramped interior, poor reaction to steering, lack of equipment options.

Image FOR THE SAME MONEY Renault Logan $ 8, 999–12, 099 The car is surprisingly spacious for its size, with a sturdy, impenetrable suspension and decent handling. But in the base - with a 75-horsepower 1.4-liter engine. Image FOR THE SAME MONEY Daewoo Nexia $ 8, 800–11, 300 The roots of the model are even more ancient than those of Lanos. But studied by the owners and repairmen, a fairly reliable design. Even the poorest equipment is equipped with a richer Chevrolet.