And someone even in adulthood does not want to memorize more than fifty pages of the heavy text of the Rules.


Europe has long found a way out of this situation. In France and Italy, a number of companies (Exam-Mega, Lingerie, Erad, Casalini, etc.) have been producing nice two-seater cars since the 70s of the last century. To manage them, you do not need a driver’s license - anyone whose age has exceeded 16 years can steer. Structurally, these machines are very similar: a fiberglass body 2.5–2.6 m long on a steel tubular frame; in front there is a transverse one- or two-cylinder diesel engine (!) of water cooling (working volume - from 276 to 538 cm3, but all have a power of 5.4 hp - apparently this serves as a limitation), with front-wheel drive through a V-belt variator; dual-circuit hydraulic brake drive; front disc brakes; independent spring-loaded suspension of 10-inch wheels; turning radius - a little over four meters.

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With a gross weight of 600 kg, mini-cars develop up to 60 km / h and consume 3.5–4 l / 100 km. Typical equipment, as a rule, includes comfortable adjustable seats, seat belts, a heater and an anti-theft device. There are even luxury versions with a chic interior decoration, a complete set of devices, watches, radio and other attributes of "adult" cars. Despite the price of 14-16 thousand dollars, they are in good demand.

In Russia, alas, these cars lose the main advantage - “disempowered” control. After all, our Rules require for driving all motor vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 50 cm3 to have a driver’s license (motorcycle if the mass of the vehicle in running order is less than 400 kg, and automobile if more).

Therefore, in the TekhnoMaster firm Tolyatti, a “self-running wheelchair” was born, which was called “MicroB” (the Micro project of the “B” series, since the “A” series were micromotorcycles). At the heart of the Russian "mini" tubular frame, open, without doors, a fiberglass body and gasoline engine with a working volume of 50 cmz with rear-wheel drive.


The power unit is a four-stroke engine and a Honda V-belt variator. Transmission - a chain and a reverse gear from the "Ant" scooter, providing the machine with reverse gear.

The front suspension is of the McPherson type, while the rear has an elastic beam from the Oka with significantly changed characteristics. From it is the steering and brakes, front and rear drum. Cute alloy wheels are shod in "Okovsky" tires. Original only half shafts with classic Hook joints.

On request - low-profile tires 155 / 60R12, watches, "music", a removable roof. Here, perhaps, is all about the device of the machine. Now let's try it in practice.