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Which side is better to look at the station wagon? Given its specifics - I think with the back. The trunk in the normal position is small, by eye - even smaller than that of a sedan. This he owes to the high floor, under which hid a full-size spare wheel, tool, even a tension shelf. Look, who cares: in the trunk is empty, nothing will attract an attacker, it will not hurt when loading.


On the walls of a small hold there are two lockable niches, one of which is probably suitable for a first-aid kit, the second - for your taste. And in general, let's not forget that the station wagon can be loaded under the roof, then its advantages will manifest themselves. Passengers will also feel them: the backs of the rear seats are adjustable in tilt - the sedan is deprived of this.

“Lancer” in question, boasts a 2-liter engine and the performance of “Sport”. The nature of the engine is calm, it will even seem boring to fans of traffic lights. Evenly lucky from two to seven thousand without any hint of pickups or failures. It doesn’t make noise, doesn’t vibrate, doesn’t make you switch again. You do not notice a serious advantage over the 1.6-liter counterpart in the city. And only when the needle approaches the last third of the speedometer scale, you realize: two liters is a large supply. Even better, differences are manifested when driving with a load - the car almost does not lose responsiveness.


The Sport package as a whole was pleasant, although of course it has nothing to do with sports. The suspension is slightly denser than that of the usual "Lancer", but by no means stiff. It keeps the road at speed, but it responds to active taxiing by banks. True, the winter "spikes" that we had are spoiling the driving character of the car.