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Troika Will Change The World

Video: Troika Will Change The World
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Troika Will Change The World
Troika Will Change The World

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A year ago, the rumors that the Triumph factory team was leaving Supersport racing were just rumors. However, the ground was for them: the British closed the project for the production of 1300 cc sports bike. In addition, conversations circulated, they say, in the development and research department of the company they stopped working with the Daytona 955i Troika, and they are not going to replace it in the model line with anything. Then - Craig Jones's farewell victory in the final round of the British Supersport series. And absolutely incredible: they say that all these events erase the company's perspective in principle. Others believed that Triumph would change tactics and focus on promoting the retro-series 2-cylinder Bonneville, as well as “triples” such as Speed ​​Triple, Tiger and Sprint ST, as well as the Rocket III supercruiser. “Fours” will soon cease to be released at all, so the Daytona 650 introduced last year is nothing more than a one-time miracle, and its destiny is to become a collector's rarity.

The latest gossip was justified: the 4-cylinder Triumph will no longer be. Everything else is ordinary horror stories. Company executives did not intend to leave the sportbike sector. On the contrary, they plan to completely change it, and the basis of the update is the new 3-cylinder Daytona 675, which debuted at the last motor show in Paris. After I tested the pre-production prototype, I dare say: this thing will turn the world of sport bikes.


This statement is not unfounded. At the Hinckley factory, I spent the whole day talking with the head of the Research and Development Department, Ross Clifford, and after talking, I clocked a hundred kilometers on one of the black prototypes, and rode in the company with him, Clifford, and my old friend in the World Championship racing class Superbike, Triumph tester, Spaniard David Lopez. So they came to the track on the 2005 Honda CBR600RR and the 635 cc Kawasaki ZX-6R.

You, the reader, probably think that I made my statement and exaggerate - out of gratitude for the fact that the leaders of Triumph provided me with the opportunity to raise the curtain and look at the new model? Do not rush to suspect me of flattery - wait until you ride a Daytona 675 yourself. And remember my words: the motorcycle is completely different from everything that was produced by 4-cylinder Japanese and 2-cylinder Italian or is being manufactured by someone else.

Actually, the task for the Triumph developers was just that.

“When we started the Daytona 675 project in 2002,” said Ross Clifford, “we set out to create an incomparable bike.” Namely: the new mid-weight sports bike should be different from all others. Therefore, he has a volume of 675 "cubes", because approaching 750 smz, there is a danger of switching to the superbike level. You can ride a new motorcycle as fast as you would any other Supersport class. At the same time, they wanted him to stand out in terms of technical indicators and character. Daytona 675 was conceived as the embodiment of all that represents the Triumph brand. I will say more, today our designers will not undertake to create something similar to the TT600 - for a simple reason: this is an in-line “four”, and now in the world there are four other manufacturers who have adapted to produce these motorcycles. The 675th was conceived precisely as an apparatus exotic for this circle.

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