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Make A Wish

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Make A Wish
Make A Wish

In each of us lives an unquenchable thirst for magic. To meet the one that will become forever beloved, to find an interesting job, to see a flying saucer, to drive a James Bond car - you never know what anyone wants! But the farther this is from everyday reality, the greater the disappointment - what's the use of dreaming about a pipe dream? Neither a genie from the lamp, nor a goldfish can be found. And still you need to dream! In this case, we mean those who read our magazine.

And now - attention: we solemnly announce that


Do you have such a desire? The most secret, the most suffering, the most unusual? And, of course, “automobile” - we are “Zarulevtsi” after all! Then write us a letter in which your last name, first name and patronymic, address, contact phone number will be indicated. Our address is known: 107045, Moscow, Seliverstov per., 10, the editorial board of the magazine “Behind the Wheel”. E-mail: [email protected] On the envelope (or in the column "Subject"), make a note: "Desire." In a letter, tell us about your desire!


Just in case, we remind you: our magazine has neither oil mines in the Persian Gulf nor diamond mines in South Africa. We do not have billions of dollars in bank accounts, and the editorial staff does not have old Hottabychs! Therefore, you do not need to ask us to write a check with a large number of zeros or to purchase a rare car from some pop star at the auction. Charitable ideas will not be considered either - ZR spends decent money on them. We offer a completely different thing - ZR is ready to help its like-minded people break out of everyday routine, plunge into new sensations, learn something previously unknown …

And, of course, to prepare, together with the lucky ones, the material that will appear on our pages.

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