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To The Question Of The Garbage Can


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: How Do You Throw Away a Garbage Can? | Dolan Life Mysteries 2023, January
To The Question Of The Garbage Can
To The Question Of The Garbage Can

In ЗР №1 / 2005, in the reader’s responses about the clash of “Matiz” and “Dozens” that you carried out, there was a replica of not even a comrade or a gentleman, not even a citizen, but as if you were a resident of this country: “…“Matiz “is a pity, about a garbage can fucked … ".

We can famously spoil the work of our country, extol the successes of others to heaven, and personally at the same time - zero, we don’t hit our fingers. We nod to the uncle and demand from him, but from the benefits themselves as from a goat of milk.

Over the years after Soviet rule, we only learned to steal and spread our fingers with a fan. Those who are poorer, they dragged the country from the people to pieces, those who are left with nothing are trying to pull the rich.

You, moneybags, are stealing from the country without paying taxes of all degrees, without paying a decent salary to your employees. Pushing a frank junk of components at the factory, and then wondering that a junk bucket was obtained from this junk. Your wealth is not from technically efficient production and hard production, but from speculation and theft. We built cottages, fenced with high fences with barbed wire, and live in the garbage. The trash around you, and you live in the trash. Because you turned a flourishing country into a garbage dump by impoverishing the bulk of the population. And what is surprising, half of you are former Komsomol leaders, half are convicts who are used to sitting behind bars in the guarded cottages, they feel like they are in the zone (they are so keen on it).

As for Matiz, a normal family man who later made money will buy just the “ten”, but not “Matiz” - a typewriter of prostitutes and lovers who have their heads but lower than their waist.

As for this, as if a resident of this country, look at yourself in the mirror, are you the better? Start with yourself, and then make higher demands on others.

This applies to all of us, all are grumbling, but we ourselves are not doing anything.

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