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From Loganichi And Kalinikha To The City Of Crocus

Video: From Loganichi And Kalinikha To The City Of Crocus
Video: Plantation crocus 2023, February
From Loganichi And Kalinikha To The City Of Crocus
From Loganichi And Kalinikha To The City Of Crocus

But a merry night passes, the Christmas holidays end, and yesterday the "allies" again scatter on opposite sides of the barricades. Here - for the right wheel, there - for the left. On this side - for the VAZ and GAZ, on that - for foreign cars. Some will go to Loganikha and Kalinikha, others to Crocus City (read about this in the issue on pages 18 and 94). But who is still right?

Right, in my opinion, is one who knows how to critically look not only at what surrounds him, but also about his own image in the mirror. The one who understands is right: the barricades are the same mirrors on which we live on both sides! Then you involuntarily realize: barricades have no future. It is for those who want to go forward, relying on their past!

The automobile industry of the USSR and Russia honestly worked for our country for many decades. Today, other populists are ready to anathema our entire history - sometimes we even hear that nothing, they say, has never happened to us. Not true - it was! Moreover, almost the entire modern automobile industry has grown from pre-perestroika, socialist. But today we can confidently say: the “Soviet” automobile industry no longer exists! "Moskvich" and IL have died, waiting for the Volga to resign, being made up under the foreign car "Kalina" - everything suggests that the old system was gone forever with its last administrators, designers and hard workers. And the new one … but there is no new one!

Viktor Polyakov, rightfully considered the founder of VAZ, once said: “Strong work gives rise to strong people!” Unfortunately, the work of the current officials and owners has not yet made the work strong. There is money in the country - no one denies this today - there isn’t only new Ryabushinsky capable of establishing real mass production of automobiles and solid components for them. And the nature of emptiness does not tolerate - it is not by chance that we hear readers' appeals such as “Let's save the national heritage - VAZ!”

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