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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Rating Is Good, Sit Down
Rating Is Good, Sit Down

a photo

CPI GTR150, scooter bike

Year of issue

| Engine

sms | Power

| Weight

| Top speed

| Estimated price $ 3600


Take a look at the photo: is it really a scooter ?! Large, not "stool" wheels, the frame is almost from Ducati. And what is the design!.. And here’s “just” a scooter: with a CVT, a single-cylinder liquid-cooled motor in which there are one and a half hundred cubes, and power - 12.5 hp But does it really look like a real sports bike?..

Clouds are walking over Moscow evening. And anyway, I’ll go - if I’m not even lucky, I’ll try this hybrid “dry” and dry and in the rain.

Immediately, I think, I’ll pack documents and money under the seat - so that later I do not have to dry them for a long time. But how to get under the saddle? After a short search, I found out that the seat usually opens - by turning the key in the ignition switch all the way to the left. Moreover, the passenger seat opens - it is arranged separately from the driver's. And mine will open if you pull the cable that sticks out under the passenger seat.

The trunk is cramped. However, there is enough space for documents, a mobile phone, a spare balaclava and a can of cola.

Slowly, starting off. And then I check the brakes. The rear “grabs” instantly and tightly. But the front!.. Stop them a scooter is almost impossible. No matter how much you press, the wheel only slows down slightly. The technical inspection showed that front and rear disc brakes, brake machines (on the steering wheel) and calipers are outwardly the same, but the diameter of the brake discs and wheels is different. Front combination of 280 mm brake disc and wheel dimension 110/70-R17, rear - 210 mm disc and tire 120/80-R16 … It doesn’t fit in my head that the device’s reaction to the “back” braking force is so different "Front" at the factory arranged for everyone. Designers put the model into production unfinished?

Appreciated GTR tires: painfully familiar tread pattern. Yeah, it's almost a copy of the Dunlop 220F drawing! And the name of the manufacturer in an oriental unpretentious consonant - Dupo. Curious how she will behave on a wet road?

In any case, at first he was cautious, and then drove at full speed. I felt the electric control buttons - they are all “in place”, the dipped and main beam switches clearly. Although I did not notice a particular difference in the degree of illumination of the road.

Intensive overclocking. It does not last long: soon the tachometer needle froze in the middle of the scale (and the tachometer, by the way, is already marked up to 16, 000 rpm). Looking ahead, I will say that it was never possible to spin the engine more than 7500 rpm.

The shape of the rear-view mirrors is very beautiful, but their size is clearly insufficient for confident maneuvering. This, one must understand, is hinted to the buyer that there is no need to look back - is the device faster than anyone? Is it not too bold a “statement”?.. The left mirror was easily set up, but the right did not want to take the desired position. In the end, I humbled myself and forced myself to twist my head more often.


Meanwhile, the rain began and ended, but the road remained damp, as did the markings. And here on them the coupling properties of tires pleasantly surprised: not a hint of slipping! When crossing the markings without gas, the rear wheel is rearranged, but predictably, and when the throttle is open, everything happens even more clearly. The unfamiliar Dupo managed to take from Dunlop only the best, with which I congratulate him.

For some reason, a large digital speedometer with a pretty blue backlight all the way showed only the number "0". In my opinion, it’s time to call for the help of a service engineer. In addition to this invaluable information on the dashboard are the lights of the direction indicators, lights that flash when the engine overheats, a critical drop in the fuel level in the 9-liter gas tank. All readings are well readable even in bright sunlight.

… Some kind of nimble twerker jerked into my lane - it took me to use the horn. Which turned out to be not so simple. If the phalanges of the brush on the brake handle, you can’t reach the button with the thumb of your left hand (my fingers have nothing to do with it - this button is not there). I had to slow down how it goes. Managed to. The brakes were quite enough, but the distribution of braking force would be nice to change in favor of the front.

Landing on the "hybrid" is unexpectedly high, and so much so that the scooter will keep it while stopping in the vertical unless a tall driver. But that’s nothing - the kids have now gone all tall. With my growth, the steering wheel, if you slow down to a complete stop, albeit slightly, but heaps up on one side. Therefore, when starting from a place, it was not possible to go directly at once - it took several meters to stabilize the movement “on the course”. If you don’t rush, but drive slowly, it’s a pleasure. The device is perfectly balanced: even with a complete stop for a few more seconds, you can not remove your legs from the steps.

The suspension is relatively stiff, with small moves, so there is no desire to ride on the curbs. Minor bumps dampen large wheels well. Two adjustable shock absorbers are installed at the rear, but the front telescopic fork without adjustments.

Passenger Seat * I will not take the liberty of calling it large and comfortable. And the driver for some reason is slightly piled forward. Because of this, braking inevitably rests your hands on the steering wheel and involuntarily try to "squeeze out". It is clear that by the end of the trip hands fell off.

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