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Yamaha All Moves Are Recorded

Video: Yamaha All Moves Are Recorded
Video: yamaha qy300 full tutorial 2023, February
Yamaha All Moves Are Recorded
Yamaha All Moves Are Recorded

- I congratulate you on the fiftieth anniversary of the company, the wonderful victory of Valentino Rossi in the motorcycle world championship and the opening of the Russian branch. Now let me ask you a question: what prompted you to come to Russia?

- The first reason is the rapid growth of the Russian market, and the second is the need to coordinate our efforts and determine our policy. Previously, there were six distributors who promoted our products. Now we are joining forces - this will be a single company.

- What Russian words are you already hearing, not counting the "Moto"?

- “Good”, “thank you”, “good evening” …

- And the word "car"? How do you connect with a car?

- I think you know that for a long time we have been cooperating with Toyota Corporation: we develop and manufacture engines for some of its cars. We are doing the same work with the Ford Corporation. We have experience working with Formula 1. We intend to continue our efforts in the production of motors with the highest rates.

- Do you have any thoughts on developing an assembly of components for cars in Russia?

- This is not our area. As I said, Yamaha works with Toyota and Ford - such decisions remain with them.

- Under the brand name "Yamaha" in Russia, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles are successfully sold. What is buying better than you expected?

- Judging by the number of units sold, then outboard motors come first. But this, I know, is not your topic. Snowmobiles are closer to you. Here we expect that buyers of Russian equipment, such as Taiga and Buran, will now turn to us.

- Today they talk a lot about fuel cell transport, hybrid powertrains. What can Yamaha offer here?


- Yamaha is engaged in fuel cell technology. But its cost is very high and it is not worth expecting the appearance of serial cars for everyday use in the near future. We must also remember such a “problem moment” as the availability of special infrastructure for the operation of such equipment in the city and beyond. But be that as it may, ecology requires new technologies - and you won’t get anywhere. Now we have models of fuel cell scooters, there are two models with a fully electric drive. While they are limited by the radius of movement - a maximum of 50 kilometers, then the battery requires charging. To date, we consider the most promising hybrid models, that is, a combination of a conventional gasoline engine with an electric motor.

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