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Novitec Rosso. Twin-charge

Video: Novitec Rosso. Twin-charge
Video: Ferrari F430 Scuderia Novitec Twin Charged - Start Up, Revs, Sound Clip 2023, February
Novitec Rosso. Twin-charge
Novitec Rosso. Twin-charge

Since the time the tuning package of this brand for the 360 ​​model was shown to the public, no better way of forcing was found.

The new studio project is called Novitec F430 Bi-Compressor. In a package worth 27, 000 euros intended for the Ferrari F430, the tuners included two superchargers and several “related products” that can increase the power of a 4-liter V8 to 636 hp. (474 kW) at 8, 200 rpm. Torque will also be high - 638 N.m at 6250 rpm. The cutoff is set at around 8500 rpm.

But Novitec experts were not limited to just one engine. For example, they found it necessary to introduce 8-piston ceramic disks into the clutch and “stretch” the gears as much as possible. The shift system was not changed. Yes, and management - too: drivers with ambitions like to change gears with shift paddles, especially in Ferrari. Hurricane dynamics will add adrenaline. Acceleration to 100 km / h - 3.6 seconds, top speed - 348 km / h. Quite sporting performance.

The braking system was improved by putting tuning carbon-ceramic discs with a diameter of 380 mm and 8-piston calipers on the front axle. The discs on the rear axle are the same, but the pistons in the caliper are half as much to maintain a balance of forces.

They worked on the appearance. The Supersport aero kit includes a front spoiler and a bumper, a rear wing, and side panels. Each panel can be made of carbon.

Masters propose to put 19-inch wheels in the Enzo style and Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires with dimensions 255 / 30R19 on the front axle, and the same set on the rear axle, but with 20-inch wheels and 345 / 25R20 tires.

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