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Character - To Replace

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Character - To Replace
Character - To Replace

photo by Dmitry TYURIN


Eurosport initially conceived the work on this Yamaha R1 as a demonstration of its capabilities: they turned a motorcycle that had been in an accident into a miracle.

After restoration, we ordered carbon fiber side linings from the catalogs, all other plastic parts were made by ourselves, and airbrushing was applied on our own. The paint is a "chameleon." It seems to be gray, but in the sun it shines with violet and red sparks.

The ignition and fuel injection systems are controlled by the on-board computer. To adjust the basic characteristics of the engine, installed the device Power commander. With it, it is possible to change the ignition timing to a small extent, and then he himself, according to the program laid down, will select the dosage of fuel supply. All controls are three buttons on the front panel of the device. Next to the LED scale - it shows how much the setting has changed. Moreover, if you connect an ordinary computer to the device, then using a special program you can with great accuracy and within a wider range change the engine settings: from the diagram (it is displayed on the monitor) determine the parameters of the injection and ignition systems at a particular crankshaft speed and appropriate throttle opening. And then change them in the right direction.


When choosing the exhaust pipe, there was no doubt - only Akrapovic, specially designed specifically for R1. She transformed the motor! We adjusted the motorcycle brains for it and sent the device to the dynamometer stand. He showed an increase of 15 liters. with.! But at the same time, the engine is gaining momentum softer than with standard settings, without “failures” and inappropriate “pickups”. Even in the medium and high speed range, where the power increase is highest, the bike accelerates assertively, but smoothly.

But with in-line silencers experimented for a long time. When they tried one or the other, they did not notice that any of the “cans” had a noticeable effect on power. But the sound!.. Some, from eminent companies, "rumbled" or "muttered" completely unbearably. We stopped at the Yoshimura muffler (the same is installed on Raptor ATVs).

The radiator of the cooling system is standard, the expansion tank is another. As a joke, it was made similar to a cylinder of an nitrous oxide injection system. They specially connected it to a radiator with a hose with a large inner diameter: due to the impressive volume of the hose, they cost a smaller tank - it is more convenient for layout: it holds about half a liter of liquid in the tank, and about 200 grams in the hose. In total - exactly as much as needed.

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