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Technique In The Hands Of A Savage

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Technique In The Hands Of A Savage
Technique In The Hands Of A Savage

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What are the associations for the words “BMW Motorrad”? German quality, expensive, pathos, lots of electronics and comforts. Maybe that’s what I forgot, but the above is the main thing. However, others, without even realizing which model they are talking about, immediately dismiss the thought of buying as soon as they hear: “BMW”. On the forehead of these other running lines is the inscription: “Expensive!”. What is expensive? “Yes, literally everything. And I do not need your quality, prestige, I can manage without comfort. Better tell me where to buy second hand. " It turns out that the global brand in the brain of the average man has grown stereotypes with a moss.

I'll try to destroy them.

Well, Dakar. And how to climb it? 870 millimeters in the saddle for my height. 176 - a bit tall. The manufacturer's answer is ready: “Freak, this is BMW, not China-Taiwan. Did not go tall - take a low seat, and that’s minus three centimeters. Well, it’s better to put your feet fully on the ground.”

Since he was going to ride, to put it mildly, in different ways, but he did not own the experience of Gaston Rye, the winner of the Paris-Dakar rally-raid, and removed it to facilitate a motorcycle, front turn signals and all kinds of plastic tsatskas. What facilitated the apparatus for three ke-ge. To be honest, this did not affect the quality and speed, but the benefit was aesthetic: the motive began to look meaner. (And don’t have to start a conversation about my bad taste, leave me alone: ​​I just don’t have it.) Another stroke finally turned Dakar into a desert conqueror. The brake hose to the rear caliper in the “standard” is laid along the pendulum, and along its inside, in a dangerous proximity to the rear wheel: the gap is a centimeter and a half. In case you hit a stone in it, there is a chance to be left without a rear brake. 30 seconds of brainstorming - and long live the triumph of the human mind! The hose is pulled by a plastic collar along the bottom of the pendulum. The fate of the luggage was also decided quickly: there will be a wardrobe trunk at the back.


After a while I applied for the first maintenance. The cost of TO-1000 along with consumables is 150 euros, plus I bought a wardrobe trunk for 260. Expensive? Maybe. But how without him? 90% of motorcycles in the secondary market are already equipped with him and with everything that is possible. What is this talking about? That if you are going to ride, and not ride, it’s more convenient to live with any kind of hitch.

Therefore, maybe I wrapped 11, 000 km in a season: I went to work, a summer cottage, twice drove to Seliger, aimlessly - around the city and the nearest areas. Rain or sunshine is absolutely unimportant: my BMW is a universal motorcycle. Now you will catch me and say that there is nothing worse than something universal. And I’ll take it and agree: a lot of motorcycles will give Dakar a head start on asphalt or off-road. But if I like to ride here and there?

Buy two, or even three motorcycles?..

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