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Together - From Concept To Car

Video: Together - From Concept To Car
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Together - From Concept To Car
Together - From Concept To Car

The "Russian colony" of this largest industrial center of the country totaled more than 5 thousand people; it even had to open a consulate, and one of the city avenues bears the name of the Soviet Union …

Everything is explained very simply. During the construction of the Volga Automobile Plant, thousands of engineers and workers, as well as allies, and Vneshtorgovites visited an internship at the FIAT's parent company. From Tolyatti to Turin, even a special carriage even went daily, or even several!

I did not find those times. Now AvtoVAZ is not going through the best years of its life, the automobile division of the FIAT concern has a lot of problems, but still Turin and the Piedmont region are the largest industrial center in Italy and throughout southern Europe. Here are concentrated 1, 200 industrial enterprises, which we would have held under the general name "auto industry". It seems that not many people are busy here - about 75 thousand, but every year they produce products worth more than ten billion euros! Here a car is born, here it goes through all the stages of transformation into a marketable product - from concept to serial assembly.

If we return to the fact that the main Italian auto giant FIAT is going through hard times, many other companies representing the local auto industry feel very good. Especially when it comes to design studios; Today, more than 100 million cars run on world roads, the design of which was developed here in Piedmont.

To support their manufacturers, the Chambers of Commerce of Turin and Piedmont for the fourth time held an international conference "From Concept to Car", where they introduced local manufacturers and representatives of foreign automobile companies from a dozen countries - from Brazil to India and China. Specialists from Russia were also invited. For three days they met and met with their Italian colleagues. It turned out to be very successful.

“We found at least two enterprises where we hope to place the production of the molds we need,” says Nikolai Chertukhin, General Director of AutoMotiv Lightning (incidentally, the city of Ryazan!). - But that is not all. To move forward, you need to communicate with Russian and foreign business colleagues, including competitors! The Italians provided us with a great opportunity.


Other Russians were also pleased with the first results of the meetings - from AvtoVAZ, from the SOK group, from DAAZ. Signed protocols of intent - the supply of equipment and accessories, the purchase of new, modern technologies - all this can be found today in Piedmont. So the Italians' interest in returning to the Russian car market, where they once reigned supreme, is understandable.

“We don’t just want to trade components and prototypes, we want to establish strong ties that will allow you to establish modern automotive production in Russia and in other countries,” explains Marzio Bianchi, one of the leaders of the project “From concept to car”. - We hope that as a result of our technical cooperation in Russia, a competitive car model will be created, and not one! In the meantime, we already have good examples of cooperation between your manufacturers and Italian design studios that have helped and are now helping to create, say, the design of a small commercial truck and the interior of a new small car. At one of the previous conferences, we brought two companies “face to face” - from your country and Piedmont, and now they together manufacture car service equipment in Russia.

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