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Enduro Turns Into Motard

Video: Enduro Turns Into Motard
Enduro Turns Into Motard
Enduro Turns Into Motard

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The city is most convenient to ride a motard. This conviction began to ripen in me after a little ride around the capital in Chinese Endurica. Dense traffic congestion pierced it easily, but as soon as it pulled out of the traffic jam, it became melancholy: the car drove slowly (I felt it especially sharply when I compared it with my Honda Fireblade).

What are the criteria for selecting an enduro for rework? There are not many of them: minimum weight, the ability to connect lighting equipment, engine thrust from low revs and power that allows you to lift the motorcycle to the rear wheel not only from the place in first gear. Well and formality: the presence of documents authorizing the operation of the device on public roads.

The choice seemed to be small. KTM LC-4 and Duke? Sifted out - heavy. Remained Yamaha WR and Honda XR650R. I chose Honda: its engine displacement is 650 cm3, 122 kg of weight and Honda reliability are extremely convincing factors.

The model was quite rare, almost exclusive, especially with the TCP. Everything that was offered for sale did not correspond much to my ideas about what is a decent condition and low mileage. But I found an interesting instance with a mileage on the speedometer of 2000 km (which seemed like the truth). It was especially inspired by the fact that he did not find characteristic traces of the motorbot on it - which means that the motorcycle does not have a sports past, that is, operation in extreme conditions. I bought it.

But to get this off-road demon kickstarter is almost impossible. Presented: 30-degree heat, I, in a leather jacket and helmet, endlessly jerk my damn wind up with my foot. No, I can't do without a normal starter. But how do wise people do it? Dived into the Internet, searched the bourgeois sites - found three options. I chose one "budget" and, apparently, technically perfect.

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