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Pot-bellied Bully

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Pot-bellied Bully
Pot-bellied Bully

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Bah, an old friend! Or?.. That's the thing: Fargo, in fact, is akin to the already tested Defiant DT 50-1M Monkey (see the previous Moto number), only this one with an off-road slope. “Normal” (not folding, like Monkey) steering wheel, tank and body kits, like a cross, there is no taillight, turn signals and mirrors, toothy steps and foot brake foot. With the road "monkey" our test subject is related by the type of headlight, speedometer and warning lamps, electric starter and sound signal. Wow, the steering column lock is a luxury for a cross-bike! The big-bellied 8-inch tires are "repeated" here, they give the "Defiant" mini-bikes a mischievous look: they call you to drive off the road somewhere and show what this technique is capable of!

During the test, the wind blew and howled, and when I pressed the electric starter button, I did not immediately realize that the motor was already working - it was so quiet. After warming up the engine in a couple of minutes, I pushed the enrichment lever into place and began to remember how to move. Believe me, I branded? Fargo does not have a manual clutch release lever - all gears during acceleration are engaged by depressing the pedal down, so it’s not surprising to get used to a normal motorcycle gearbox in a stupor. However, the motif generously does not die out, and the clutch automatic will allow it to move off the second and even third gears (there are four in total). True, forget about the fierce acceleration dynamics, and engine parts, if you try to shake the soul out of the engine, will be overloaded.

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