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Tarataika In The Arctic

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Tarataika In The Arctic
Tarataika In The Arctic

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"Heart" beats without any complaints, pah-pah-pah. Having defended the polar winter in a cold garage, the “taratayka” usually starts from the fourth or fifth poke (depending on the weather). The motor is not picky about gasoline - it accepts AI-76, AI-80 and AI-92. Another thing is oil: the recommended M-8-V and M-10-B2 are, of course, yesterday, and for the machine I have long been acquiring a special one - for two-stroke engines, for example MGD-14M. And adds “vivacity”, and the exhaust is cleaner.

There are no complaints about the carburetor, but sometimes after repair (I put the ATV on its side), the float clings to the walls of the float chamber, and the fuel begins to overflow. I “cure” the ailment as follows: I shut off the fuel supply and, without stopping the engine and tapping the carburetor with a wrench, empty the float chamber. And the carburetor "comes to life."

Electrical equipment. Forgive me the manufacturer, but the fuss with the wiring that he laid, got already in the second year of operation. The wire connectors are brought to brutality: when moving along a bumpy road into damp and slush, the contacts are periodically interrupted. As a result, the headlight winks, interruptions appear in the motor, and the “generator-candle” terminal sparkles like electric welding. Already pressed the terminals, bent the contacts, moved them back and forth - it does not help. More than once I tried to send the connectors to the scrap and connect the wires directly, but I can not decide everything. And those connections that I do not need in FIGs, I simply eliminated, in particular, the turn signals. But with candles it is as simple as with gasoline - both with the standard A23, and with A11, and with A17, the engine works fine.

With those "relics" that the engine gives out, I would lower the first and fourth gears - at full load it can be difficult to get underway. But in top gear, the speed on a good dirt road near an empty “taratayka” sometimes exceeds 60 km / h - this is the last digit on the scale. ATV is hardly necessary for such playfulness, it’s another matter, in extreme gears it is useful to give high-torque.

Looseness of the rear axle control levers annoys with constant “musical accompaniment”.

I do not often use additional options for the rear axle (downshift, differential lock, reverse). But it’s good that they are - no, no, and they will help out.

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