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Three-quarter Sales. Who Is The Boss In The Market?

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Three-quarter Sales. Who Is The Boss In The Market?
Three-quarter Sales. Who Is The Boss In The Market?

For three quarters almost 440 thousand of them were sold - about the same as domestic cars! Unfortunately, there are no more accurate numbers: according to tradition, all the "old" our manufacturers do not provide sales data for the quarter, but only for six months and a year. Therefore, you have to focus only on the production of cars for 9 months.

So, AvtoVAZ during this period sold about 475 thousand of its cars in the domestic market (according to other estimates - 452 thousand - IM) and about 125–130 thousand - all other plants (GAZ, IzhAvto, UAZ, SeAZ, RosLada, ZMA). Total to the maximum - 605 thousand. Not much. We have already given almost half of the Russian market to foreigners. And this does not include used cars!

In the absence of accurate data, we will confine ourselves to stating this fact and turn to the results of the work of foreign automobile companies (and their Russian partners-collectors) for three quarters.

There are no changes in the top ten ranking of sales of foreign cars in Russia. Three Korean companies are leading (two have assembly plants in Russia, and the third in Uzbekistan), four are Japanese, two are American and one is French (the last three have already been built in the Russian Federation for the plant). Together they sold 360 thousand cars with us, thus capturing 82% of the "foreign" market. If in the near future any breakthrough occurs, it is only thanks to the companies of this dozen. Obviously, in the IV quarter the production (and accordingly sales) of Ford cars in Vsevolozhsk, Renault in Moscow and KIA in Izhevsk will increase.


Only two “change of places” were noted in the popularity rating - the Hyundai Accent beat the Daewoo Nexia, and the Nissan Almera beat the Daewoo Matiz. Both of these are a signal for the leaders of the Asaka plant: let the sales of the “Uzbek Korean women” grow, but at least a “face lift” is urgently needed, otherwise the competitors will get around! It seems that in Uzbekistan they understood this - already in the winter they promise to show the updated Nexia and immediately launch it in a series.


Chevrolet Niva what season is in first place in sales among foreign cars, but this position on closer examination does not seem so strong. The pace of monthly off-road vehicle sales, albeit imperceptibly, is decreasing - by 50–100 cars. According to our forecasts, in 2005 about 43 thousand fields will be sold, which is much lower than the company’s planned indicators. At the same time, among other leaders, the monthly sales growth of popular models is impressive. Compare: if at the beginning of the year, for example, all dealers sold less than 2, 000 “accents” per month, now almost 4, 000! So, if Korean suppliers of components do not fail, this year they will collect (and sell) 37-38 thousand sedans in Taganrog, which are in great demand among the Russians.

As for the second model of GM-AVTOVAZ company - the Chevrolet Viva sedan, in just 9 months only 1645 units were sold. This is one of the lowest rates in a golf class. The car has risen by a third in a year - and here is the result. It's a shame for the model that we promised success last year. But sales of other cars with the Chevrolet nameplate - Aveo (6076 units) and Lazetti (5025) increased sharply. Just a little more and they will take their place in the "top ten" market leaders. By the way, according to our calculations, there was no place for the most fashionable business-class model in Russia - Toyota Camry: 9914 cars were sold in 9 months (by the way, from $ 29.8 thousand!) which is one less than the Korean Hyundai Elantra. It was they who closed the top ten in the popularity rating!

We are still different from the whole planet even in such a matter as buying new cars: sales of the cheapest and … most expensive foreign cars are growing fastest, but cars of average, by Western standards, price niche (20-40 thousand dollars.) acquire less willingly. Small examples: in Russia over three quarters more BMW fives were sold than three rubles (1426 against 1177), and more Audi sixes than fours (1759 against 1487).

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