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Warm In The Morning

Warm In The Morning
Warm In The Morning

Alas - not all cars, even modern ones, can easily start at temperatures below minus twenty. But there is a way to fix the situation - install a pre-heater.


There are a lot of heaters on the market - they differ from each other not only in price and convenience, but also in design. If you look closely at their principle of operation, you can trace some analogy with well-known household appliances. So…


[caption id = "attachment_186381" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Electric heater

liquid medium

capacity 103.3741–01 SEVERS

Estimated price - 1500 rubles.

It works from a network of 220 V. Power - from 1 to 2 kW. It is installed in the cooling system circuit. Customized installation options are also available.”]


[/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_186382" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Electric heater

liquid PEZH-MV-220-061


Estimated price - 850 rubles.

It works from a network of 220 V. Power - 630 watts. Installed in the cylinder block instead of the standard plugs and is recommended for most cars with VAZ "]


[/ caption] So you can christen prestarting heaters that operate on 220 V. All that is required of you is to turn on the heater in advance and wait (on average about half an hour). Of course, we do not like to wait - therefore, as an addition, we are offered various timers to set the on and off times. In the fancy designs there are additional interior heaters, and other systems, along with heating, also recharge the battery. The principle of operation is akin to an electric kettle. The heating is carried out by a heating element (tubular electric heater) - only it is not water that is heated, but, cool as it sounds, the cooling liquid: the cooling system will work for heating!

Thermal circulation occurs naturally, and therefore, as a rule, do without additional pumps. Depending on the model, the heater is installed in the circuit of the cooling system or directly in the cylinder block (instead of technological plugs). Since such "boilers" work from the network, their use is limited - as a rule, these are either garages or civilized parking lots. Install them under the power of the owner himself, and any car service can handle it effortlessly.


[caption id = "attachment_186383" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Device for facilitation

engine start

TA-0.2–2 / 0.2–3

Estimated price - from 4000 rubles.

The volume of the "thermos" is 3.7 or 5.1 liters. Suitable for almost any car with an engine capacity of up to 2.5 liters. The main problem is the search for "housing" under the hood. "]


[/ caption] During operation, the engine heats up, the temperature of the coolant rises. If the engine is shut off, the liquid after it also starts to cool. The process is quite obvious, but it is a shame to squander the hard-won heat - it can be saved. For this, we need "autothermos". As soon as the temperature of antifreeze rises, it begins to periodically enter the heat accumulator (replacing the colder liquid), in which, as they say, is “on demand”. Before starting in cold weather, you just need to activate the system - the built-in pump will make the hot liquid from the heat accumulator circulate, giving off heat to the frozen engine. After a couple of minutes you can "start up". The system is quite simple and autonomous, but it can be attributed to the heaters with a stretch. It is clear that if the car will stand idle for a long time, then miracles should not be expected: the liquid in any thermos will sooner or later cool down …


[caption id = "attachment_186384" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Pre-heater

Webasto Thermo Top E / C / P

Estimated price - from 730 euros.

Not the easiest, but at the same time compact. Heats up not only the engine, but also the interior. For small and compact cars, the Thermo Top E model with "]


[/ caption] The next group of heaters is autonomous. They are fully integrated into the car’s equipment (connected to the cooling system, on-board power supply system, fuel tank) and do not require additional “reserves”. The control unit is placed under the hood, and the timer is in the cabin. By the signal of the timer, the system will heat up not only the engine, but also the interior (and at the same time it will defrost the windows, which, you see, is useful). Some manufacturers do not stop there and offer as an option control not only from the remote control, but also from the phone!

In fact, we get a kind of stove with a modern binding - ignition, electronics, etc. Naturally, the complexity of the design was reflected in the price: it is an order of magnitude higher than that of other heaters.


Owners of diesel cars often face even greater challenges. At low temperatures, not only the car, but also the fuel itself freezes! Therefore, not only the engine, but also the fuel line with its elements will need heating. In the design of many modern cars, all this is already provided for, but the "oldies" will have to be equipped. Moreover, heating will be needed not only before starting the engine, but also during its operation. The heat sources are the same - electricity from the on-board network or hot “Tosol” (if the motor is already running …).

[caption id = "attachment_186386" align = "aligncenter" caption = "Fuel Heater

highways flowing PP6–2

Estimated price -1050 rubles.

Designed for heating the fuel line. It turns on constantly with the engine running and at a temperature below + 3 ° C. Mounted in front of the fine filter, n "]


[/ caption] Flow-through and flexible belt filters are used to warm the fuel line. The flow heater is inserted into the section of the line in front of the fine filter, while the tape is laid along the pipeline. There is another solution - to heat the filter itself using a bandage heater (depending on the size of the filter, different models are used). But with the fuel intake, even options are possible - either change the whole to a heated one, or install a heated nozzle. Models are more than enough.

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