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Declaration Of Intent

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Video: Declaration of Intent 2023, February
Declaration Of Intent
Declaration Of Intent

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The perfidy of Aprilia designers is unlimited, as is their talent: they create motorcycles so that they are immediately loved and bought for one appearance. In this regard, the bike was a success: in comparison with its direct competitors - the phlegmatic Honda Transalp and the pseudo-combat supermotard from Yamaha - XT660X, the “Italian” is most responsible for his driving role.

Its deep and wide two-seat saddle, classic fit (with a straight back), engine crankcase protection - all this calls for a journey. The saddle is not high, it’s convenient to climb on it, placing the bots on a low, again, raised footboards … But still, the seat is not perfect. In the “driver's” part of it, the hump is invisible to the eye, but palpable by another sensory organ, because of it, I had to fidget every now and again to make it more comfortable. It didn’t … Because of this stupid little thing in the city, I had to move to the gas tank, and on the highway, where speeds increase, move back and completely “lie down”.

And so, flattened, I “listened” to him. “Heard” is this. The gear ratios in the box are not selected in the best way: the first two are too short. But the fourth and fifth are very similar to the “grassroots” motor. At the maximum speed, the motorcycle does not “walk” left and right, does not “dance a lambada”. It is most pleasant to “write out” with him along a country road full of bends, where it will never occur to accelerate beyond the limits, and a generous torque is required from the motor in the low and middle speed ranges. Here Pegaso is "at ease": it easily enters the slope and vice versa. And your nerves do not tremble for a second - when a gas is released, a single-cylinder engine effectively dampens speed.

When accelerating in the first two gears, the engine unexpectedly quickly “rests” against the limiter, and sharply. And if you are on wet asphalt, then this plug, I would say, is dangerous. What is strange: the exact same engine is on the Yamaha XTX600, and in it it easily spins up to 9000 rpm - 2000 rpm higher than on the Strada. Obviously, the fourth and fifth gears in the gearbox were made by "tracing" … Tell me, did this designers also mean this “plug” when they announced a new level of perfection?

Fifty "horses" in the engine are enough for a direct highway. On it, the Pegaso powerfully accelerates from 80 to 160 km / h - so violently that I had to grab hold of the handlebars more firmly. I will immediately recommend to future owners to invest in a windshield and a good closed helmet - you won’t leave to the left of the second lane when walking along the highway.

… Twilight thickened - turned on the light. The farthest is complemented by the near one, the headlight is powerful, it perfectly illuminates the road. This is ahead - but what do I see behind? The review in the rear-view mirrors is not bad, in any case, you did not have to twist your neck before rebuilding into the next row. Electric switches are convenient for all, except for one that controls the turn signals: this one operates without a characteristic click, and therefore you strain: it worked? No?.. This is also the topic of the level of comfort declared by designers.


The Italians would not be themselves if they had not spiced up the bike with something “tasty.” The Pegaso is a dashboard. The electronics supplying it with information are almost Pentium 4: it not only displays basic parameters, such as engine temperature, total and daily runs, current travel time. In addition to them: mileage “on the reserve” of fuel, maximum speed for the day, a personal code (you enter it when you turn on the ignition). Here is the backlight control (three degrees of brightness are set), etc. It would seem that the head is spinning! But understanding is not so difficult - you quickly get used to it, as to all good things.

You sit on this motorcycle - you don’t have to put documents and a wallet in your backpack: the “glove box” contains everything. It is inscribed in a 16-liter gas tank, and opens (this is another "good") button on the steering wheel. However, everything that belongs to ergonomics at Pegaso is worthy of the highest praise: the architecture of the “workplace” is thought out to the smallest detail.

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