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Kamikaze? Tsunami? Kawasaki

Video: Kamikaze? Tsunami? Kawasaki
Video: Tsunami Kamikaze Kawasaki Mamasaki 2023, February
Kamikaze? Tsunami? Kawasaki
Kamikaze? Tsunami? Kawasaki

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Hyperbikes are a “thing in themselves”: you won’t immediately understand why (and whom) these machines were created for. To ride on city streets? Race tracks Highways?.. Wherever you go, there are motorcycles that are better suited for those other and third. But the "horse riding machine" is a thing that hardly gives in to the bridle of cold logic. What can you compare in this life with the sensation of a “horseman” when he, with a slight movement of a gas handle, releases hundreds of horsepower into the wild!..

For five years now, two hyperbikes have reigned with the tail on top of the motorcycle Olympus - Kawasaki ZX-12R Ninja and Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa. And although the creation of Kava engineers is even a bit more powerful (178 hp versus 175 for Suzuki - if only someone is able to notice a difference of 3 hp with such power), still the Susa is in the unofficial “national "rating at least a little, but higher. Its advantages are its original demonic appearance, and easy superiority in the working volume of the cylinders, and the amazing potential of the motor. It is not for nothing that the Beads engine is tuned by specialists with special frenzy - they charge it with supercharging and bring the power up to 700 hp!

The update rate in each class is almost proportional to the growth rate of its popularity. Don't be so demanding: only now have Kawasaki engineers got their hands on the next hyper-express.

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